Need New Ford Ranger

By Dan D.

Recent communication with Ford Customer Relations indicated that there are no plans by Ford to bring the new Ford Ranger to the USA. As noted by several other Ranger owners, this entry level mid-sized truck is still needed in the Ford line up. Ford (as well as Dodge/Ram) is losing significant market share to Chevy, Toyota, Honda and Nissan - all have an entry level mid-sized truck to offer. The F-150 is a great truck but too large for those in the market for an entry level mid-sized pick up. The new Ranger being sold in other parts of the world is a winner and I would certainly purchase one if offered in the USA. Even my sales associate at the local Ford Dealer indicates that he has lost a significant number of sales by not having the Ranger. Please reconsider and bring the new Ranger back to the USA.
Jack 01/07/2013
What a lot of people do not understand about the global platform Ranger is that it isn't the "Ranger" US customers are used to. The global platform ranger is 7/8ths the size of the current F-150. Other markets don't have the market for full-size half-tons so a slightly smaller truck makes sense. The global platform Ranger also has quite a few motor options that are not currently offered in the US, mostly due to EPA restrictions being different here. A small diesel would be great but I think Ford is going to push the EcoBoost line as it is a cheaper alternative to build and develop than a small diesel that would be US approved.
Wes H 12/29/2012
AutoZone is a big buyer of the Ford Rager. You might just loose their purchases
John H 12/06/2012
Put an ecoboost or diesel in that new Ranger to get a 30 mpg highway rating!
Juston P 12/04/2012
Ford is pushing the major buyers of Rangers toward the new Transit Connect. Pool service, pest control, auto parts delivery, etc... But for me I just want my 1996 single cab, Ranger Splash back from the dead with a 3.5l Eco Boost twin Turbo, w/AWD, 8" NAV screen and forward camera for parking, and reverse camera for safety... Give it independent rear suspension and I would pay $25,000 for one. That's a mans truck for date night, and for getting chores done around the house.
Chris W 11/29/2012
I also agree - Bring us the Ranger. Give us the diesel engines that are available in Europe as well please. I'd LOVE an entry level truck that can get 28 combined hwy/city mpg and have the power to do light duty work.
neil c 11/21/2012
I have a 1999 ranger and it runs good , but it will not last forever. I also are waiting for a new mid-sized ranger with a reliable engine and automatic awd. this would a hot seller.
Tom S 11/20/2012
the best ford in this class was the explorer sport trac, but they stopped making it . why???
John M 11/18/2012
This is a fantastic idea. My F150 is aging and before long I will be looking for another truck. I'm impressed by the Honda Ridgeline because it's not as big as my 2003 F150 and has AWD standard. The new F150's are far too big for my taste. Your idea of the new Ranger would be perfect for the USA. If Ford could throw a powerful and reliable engine in it too, like Honda does(reliable), that would just sell like crazy. Also, AWD would be a great touch.
Sujeet P 11/18/2012
That's a shame, the new Ranger looks great, and like you said they're leaving money on the table by not offering a compact truck. :(
Richard P 11/17/2012
Have to agree with Dan D. on the Ranger size pickup. Ford needs a new entry in this market. As he stated the F150, although a good truck, is just to big for some of us. Bring back a Ranger size truck.
Greg W 11/16/2012
I agree, i had two and gave the last one away to my stepson. if i had known they were to be phased out he would have never got it. great truck for what i needed it for. F150 is nice but to big for my needs.
Justin L 11/16/2012
Justin L 11/16/2012
This truck already exists, it is in Europe, Australia, Latin America and more, Just bring it back, and make sure it has the Diesel option!
Chris G 11/15/2012
Why not negate the Ranger idea and skip ahead to the Ranchero!