Need Lightning

By Beau O.

I own a 02 Lightning and the raptor is very nice but there is a huge crowd of Lightning owners just jonesing for a new Lightning with a eco boost V6 or Twin screw 5.8 dohc.
rick 11/05/2012
i think ford should overkill the idea, and do like what they did with rapter, but exactly what fox F said, make a stock race truck and a daily driver combined
Fox F 08/07/2012
I work at a Ford dealership and yes, I'm one of the few true car guys that work in the industry. I think the Raptor is an awesome truck, but there are still some of use that like it low and fast. Ford has everything it takes to put together another "Lightning". I dream of 490hp 460tq from the 3.5! Come on SVT, don't leave us out! Oh, while you are at it, can we get a manual tranny?!