Mustang with a drive for winter weather.

I am 83 and my husband is 87, and we have driven Ford's for 65 years.  We would like one like a Mustang, our favorite car, however, at this age, we need a 4 door car.  Also, it has to be designed for winter weather, the drive, and look similar to the original Mustang.  I think it would sell to many baby boomers that now need a four door car for children and friends. 
I love my Mercury Montego, but it has 73,000 miles on it, and we are ready for a new sporty one. 
Please hurry - - - we don't have that long to wait!!!!
Kevin K 04/28/2014
a 4dr fusion would fit this couple a mustang with more than 2 doors aint a mustang