Mustang Value Package

By Paul P.

First I love what you have done with the new Mustang. However, I would love to see a Mustang package that is stripped down (no a/c, radiio delete, no insulation etc...) in the v-6 and v-8 packages. Will Ford consider this for us that want a more affordable Mustang (and still have the performance)?
Curtis H 03/05/2012
The packages drive up the cost . Many packages come with something the owner doesn't really want . Like simple cruise control and having to buy more just to get Cruise.
I'd like to see Ford put the Mustang and F-150 on a diet. Most times where's there is low curb weight and a performance engine under the hood , there's some gain in MPG going down the road.

While at it, bring to market a 2800lb 300hp F-100 with a 6spd close ratio transmission - no frills and much lower MSRP than current trucks
art h 03/05/2012
You can buy a Mustang for $22,300 How striped down can they get. You will be hard pressed to find any new car without air or raido. You could just leave them off
Allan C 03/05/2012
It sounds like a race ready car for the track, I like it.
Bill E 03/04/2012
Couldn't agree more. Mustang is the most modified vehicle, not to mention the most desired! More ppl could afford it and I think more would buy it to "make it their own".