mustang trans inhancement

The 2011 5.0 is a awesome with manual transmission but the auto is lacking. I think a sport mode with paddle shift or the dual clutch trans would be a better seller and give people better feel for driving on twisty roads. A little recalibration and paddle shift feature would not necessarily cost that much more as a option.
michael burns 01/06/2011
yesssss its still a sports car so i should be able to drive a auto like a sports car if i feel like it. if they made it i would be 100% on board i want a mustang but i have to decide between manual and auto even though its not the same as manual its good enough and would finnaly to pick one
Alex Rodriguez 09/26/2010
I'm not a long-term manual transmission guy, but the automatic in the 5.0 really downgrades the power of the 5.0. This kept me from buying the Mustang. I agree that the 5.0 needs paddle shifters and a dual-clutch trans!!!