Mustang Supercar

The mustang is an amzing ride and can leave the Corvette and the Camaro in the dust, so why not try to smoke the European supercars? A way to do this with an American twist is to put a supercharged 6.8 liter V10 in a mid-engine version of the Shelby GT500 cobra with a different suspension similar to the one in the GT and call it the "Surpent"!
George Bailey 06/30/2011
Ford is wasting money by keeping Lincoln on life support. It wouldn't have looked good to deep-six Mercury and Lincoln at the same time, I suppose. Meanwhile, Lincoln sells nothing but weak clones of current Fords and expects customers to pay a premium. Why not have Lincoln go out with a bang. Make Lincoln the high-performance/luxury brand. A Lincoln coupe on the Mustang platform with IRS might make car enthusiasts consider looking into a Lincoln showroom window. Go racing with it. Next, one, then two true world-class 4 door performance/luxury sedans with RWD/IRS. Then, a 2 seat halo sports car to put a scare into Corvette. With this strategy, Ford may not have to deep-six Lincoln in 3 years.
Robert Todd 04/25/2011
Build a coupe on the Mustang platform with a 5.0 eco boost and sofiscated IRS, world class brakes, great American styling and name it a HRL or Cyclone. Ford used to be adventuresome but maybe can't afford to do things like this any more
mike dwyer 03/25/2011
a coyoteized, ecoboosted, 6.2 opened up to 7L would do the job nicely.
Mark Kleis 03/05/2011
The current Mustang platform is excellent for its segment, but it is NOT going to be competitive against supercars. Even the Corvette has a massive advantage as it is a pure sports car, where as the Mustang has seating for four and is too large and heavy.

I can see Ford revisiting a GT down the road, but they have other things to focus on for now.
John Bland 03/01/2011
If Ford is stay with the current image as "best in Class" fuel economy then a V-10 would probably have to be ruled out unless of course it was mated to an electric motors that did most of the work. So I think what is needed is that Ford needs to bring back a Permanant Supercar and or Keep raising the bar with the Current Mustang which is to shrink in size and give it an accepting global theme while preserving its Mustang Lineage.
Johnathan Mueller 02/11/2011
You could possibly put an EcoBoost on it.
Johnathan Mueller 02/11/2011
Instead of a super charger you could put an EcoBoost 6.8 liter V10