Mustang steering wheel and "sport" shifter

By J C.

Two suggestions for those that drive thier Mustang in a spirited manner or on track:

1. The retro steering wheel looks cool but it has several different types of material (plastics, leather) right on the (proper) 9/3 driving position. This inconsistency in this sport makes it hard to use proper steering technique. Please use a consistent material on these spots.

2. The "sportshift" rocker switch on the shifter is a joke right? When you are driving on track you want gear changes to be quick with minimal hand time off the wheel. Currently when you remove your hand from the wheel to perform a shift you have to spend valuable time feeling for the location of the switch and then determine which way to push it. Cruising on the street this may not seem like a big deal; entering a turn at high speed on a racetrack is another story. A performance car such as the Mustang really needs to have paddle shifters, or at least go back to the shifter "bump" up or down.