Mustang - Sport Mode for automatic transmission

By Adam J.

The problem most performance enthusiasts have with automatic transmissions is the fact that they up-shifts to the highest possible gear as soon as possible. This is not ideal when you are driving aggressively, road racing or auto crossing.

I would like to see a "sport mode" for the transmission that keeps it in gear longer, and prevents it from up-shifting to a less desirable gear. In other words, if I'm taking a corner hard in second gear, I want the transmission to stay in second so that I can immediately accelerate out of the turn. This would also make the vehicle sound and feel more like a manual transmission. Engine braking would occur, which is almost non existent with a conventional automatic transmission. You would even hear pops from the exhaust as you decelerate from high RPM. A feature such as this could change the negative connotation people have with automatic transmissions in sports cars. This functionality would work very well with paddle shifters.
H Smith 06/02/2010
How about a 6 speed dual clutch transission with "driver selectable shift profile" ... ie, "sports", "normal" or "economy" modes?