Mustang Shelby

The Mustang GT and Shelby has been my dream car since I was a child. It is a true American Muscle Car. Last year I was so close to buying a shelby but was stopped because my wife was not able to Shift and this was going to be our first car that we financed together. I would love for my dream to come true by hopefully seeing The Mustang Shelby with A Formula 1(F1) Paddle Shifter with a hydrolic clutch and or to see it in a automatic transmission. In addition I would love to see a Mustang SUV or a Mustang four door sedan. I am so loyal to ford but if figured if Porsche can come up with a sedan and a suv I am sure Ford who is a true American Icon can do the same. In the meanwhile I am in love with my candy apple red mustang GT coupe amazing car. by the way I beat a ferrari 360 spyder on thee freeway this is the epitome of American Muscle machine.
I love my Mustang and I am proud to drive a ford
Jack Goebel 12/25/2011
Do not change the mustang. I have a 2012 Shelby and I could never visulize it with 4 doors. Nor would I be interested in one. Which includes an SUV. By the way A 5L comes with an Auto Transmission, just not the Shelby. Jack
Junius Thompson 11/09/2011
Keep the mustang two door please
Michael Jobusch 10/22/2011
Respectfully, the Cayanne -- as ugly as it is -- is in no way some re-worked 911. Enter the Fusion, Explorer, Expedition, etc. Ford offers SUV's and sedans -- why pervert the Mustang?
Eddie Ramirez 10/21/2011
I see your point, but as Mustang owner myself I do not see a 4-door sedan version. Ford has stuck to its traditional coupe design for the mustang and it has been successful. Drastic design change could result in a market change also. The mustang has a history of always keeping people at the edge of their seats. It has always been about the driving experience, the sounds, the feel and aesthetics. Modifying or tampering some of the traits that make it a mustang may result in the immanent death of an iconic car.