Mustang on a diet

Mustang is getting a little heavy, for better fuel economy and horsepower gains can you offer a bare bones Mustang. I never minded rolling down the windows with a simple hand crank . Offer a radio delete and a rear seat delete only useful if you are taking elf friends or someone under age 7. Get rid of the power locks and power seats and power everything. Should get it under 3000lbs shoot for 2700lbs. put a sticker on it for @20K and slap an “R” badge on it!!
Jim S 01/24/2013
Michael L. has it dead on come on guys remember the 1994 R model Mustang please
Michael P 01/21/2013
All aluminum construction! Better corrosion resistance too!
Phinna C 01/12/2013
i agree micheal but power windows and lock is must for me. my guess it only adds 30lbs at most. insigificant to the performance. key to weight saving is smaller drivetrain. high torqe 2.5 liter w/ 5 speed.