Mustang GT350

By Dave S.

Mustang GT350, a twin turbo ecoboost V6 with GT500 or Boss 302 suspension, Brembo brakes, and a Hurst shifter.
David G 10/04/2012
Thanks for the info Nestor. Not that I have spare cash for a Mustang (V6, V8, future ecoboost 4cyl?) good to know it's out there? I hate to ask how much it costs? Problem is, the HShby name is worth a few $$$ and then with all the upgrade, it's likely to cost more than a V8 GT. What appeals to me about the V6 and the Mustang in general is that you can upgrade as/when you want, when funds become available, etc. Ford may not have it, but I'm sure (for example) Paxton, or some of the aftermarket suppliers will have a supercharger in the $5k area.

One of my "dream machines", along with an original, "restomoded" Broncho that can be used as a daily driver is a Mercury Marauder or an Ex Police Crown Vic with its modular 4.6 replaced with something larger out of a mustang and a supercharger bolted on!
Nestor R 10/02/2012
That pretty much exists, it's called the Shelby GTS. It has about everything you mentioned except the brands are different, and it's equipped with a supercharged v6 pushing about 470hp.
David G 09/28/2012
Considering the v6 mustang has over 300hp stock, Ford offers plenty of handling/suspension, big brakes, and a shift kit for the V6. What i would love to see is a turbo kit (factory) or factory supercharger kit for the V6 that will bring it to over 400+ hp.

Problem with that is, it may take away sales of the V8 GT.
David F 09/15/2012
There already is a SHelby GT350 and it is a V8