Mustang Gt 2015 Body Style

Hello, I think it would be wise if we changed the body style of the mustang's mines a gt 2000 and it spanks the 2005-2008 mustangs. All it has is an cold air-intake and stage 2 performance clutch I noticed when racing the newer mustang's they don't seem to have alot of power in the middle front part of the car it's almost as if it is empty. For some reason they tend to fish tail alot easier please don't make the new mustangs look the same I'd like to feel a sense of pride and raw american muscle power again like the 00 gt I own has. Let's put the pony back in the mustang I'm willing to take a poll just to show how serious I am . .Please contact me if you have any questions I saw a picture on google of a Green Mustang Gt 2015 tweaked by Topnotch and that body style i feel would be more attractive to the public eye and I'm not a cool dude or anything Lol.