Mustang Engine Downsize

I think that the next-gen Mustang should have smaller engines to go along with a lighter curb weight. The 3.5L Ecoboost v6 would be great, and a turbocharged 5.0 would be great for performance. The 5.8L 662hp monster is too big- maybe you should go back to the 5.4L and either turbocharge it or put a larger supercharger on it. Also, as it is inevitable, an inline 4 with over 300hp would be fine, as long as it got more than 34mpg highway and 22 city.
Legend 12/23/2013
Agreed on that!
They should stop tinkering with the "horses", and get back to what the legend meaning of Mustang ( for those of us that really drive them ) and what it means.
Wild, powerful horse.
Best cruise and ride animal in the vehicle world.
Wonder why they never did a " Stallion" edition?
JOHN QUINN 12/07/2013
The lack of HP lost the Lincoln to Cadilac, now it will lose the Mustang to Camaro