Mustang Ecoboost

By Nick L.

Ford needs to put the V6 Ecoboost in the Mustang.
Carlos M 01/23/2013
Great idea. Power, Performance and Responsibility in the 21st Century.
I love your idea Robert! I drive a 1986 SVO and I love having a turbo powered car. I would like to see the SVO come back And I think the Mustang needs to come down in size, it's to big. I think the Fox Body mustang is the ideal size for a stang. So bring on the turbos and put some koni shocks on and make another super great horsepower and handling car!
Robert W 11/14/2012
This is a great opportunity for Ford to appeal to environment-conscious youth, and a great "Green Image" builder. The performance should rival the normally aspirated 5L V8, the handling should be better due to less weight and better front/rear balance. It would be a really exciting option for the already enthusiastic Mustang V6 crowd. (Mustang G/T could mean Green/Turbo!) (Make that forward slash between the G and the T a little green vine and leaf - see how clever i am? lol)