Mustang - DCT Transmission and/or Paddle Shifters

By Adam J.

I would like to see a performance 6-speed DCT transmission as an option for the Mustang. This would include paddle shifters on the steering wheel.

Paddle Shifters should still be standard, or an option, for the traditional automatic transmission.
H Smith 05/19/2010
How about THREE (3) driver selectable "shift profiles" linked with the engine management system?

1) performance

2) normal

3) economy

included with a driver SELECTABLE shift mode: A) automatic or B) manual

This would allow economies of scale production of a single transmission design for "everyone"* ... plus simplified field maintenance/parts strategy/logistics.

* Probably there would actually be more than one design ... because of the need to support various engine/vehicle sizes/weights/applications such as 4WD (like FPT is developing).