Mustang-Based Sedans

By Brad K.

I heard that a Mustang-based sedan is being considered again. And while I think a large Lincoln variant is a must for Lincoln's image as a premium brand, I also hope a Ford-badged performance sedan is also being considered. Many of us love Mustangs, but a 2-door is just not practical. Please?
Brian M 11/05/2012
art you are right but then again t copetes with the m3 wthc is 2 or 4 door so this might be a good idea
art h 10/31/2012
As much as you may want a 4 door mustang it will never happen. With all the mustangs being sold to mostly Mustang fans making it a 4 door would ruin it. It wouldn't hurt for Lincoln to do a 2 door sport version.