Mustang 302 transmission

I've seen the car and like it. I've heard it and like it. I've seen the video and I'm perplexed my the stick shift on a car like this. At some point Ford has to realize that the old consumer of it's product is dead and it has to live in the future.

I drive a M3 with SMG. Ferrari has paddle shifters, Maserati, MBZ, Porsche, etc. All these brands have proved how realiable this technology is on cars and race cars. The question is why go with such a technology in the 302 drive train. Clutch, clutch pedal, clutch linkage, shifter, etc. I love all these things in a Porsche 356, Ferrari Daytona, any classic sports car. If the Boss is suppose to be the new beast on the street why give it old technology to battle it's competition?
B Arnold 03/05/2011
The Mustang is a relatively inexpensive performance car. The addition of paddle shifters and IRS would drive the price out of the range for the target buyer. My 2011 is 1.75 tons of fun, thanks for adding the 6sp and taming the LRA.
mike 03/04/2011
the mustang is a drivers car, not a race car, not a luxury car, and some will tell you not a daily driver. real drivers want to know whats going on and have control over it. we like to feel the rumble through the shifter, we like that not everyone can drive our cars, there is something about running through the gears with 1 hand on the wheel being a part of the car while the car is a part of you. no you cant smoke, drink, read and put on make up while driving a stick. but thats not a bad thing. your driving, so drive. now to borrow a great phrase, "drive one"
Dan Terry 02/26/2011
I am 26 years old also & I hate paddle shifters and high tech junk that breaks easily! All that BMW and Audi junk is fine when the car is factory new, but when its a few years old and you have to pay $4000 to get the stuff fixed you'll be sorry. I want the traditional stick shift! I also want Ford to bring back the aerodynamic 1998 Mustang thats gets better MPG, the new one is too boxy and over-inflated. Also the 4.6liter v8 in 98 is more efficent then the new Stang engines! They should offer it w/a 6 or 7 speed traditional Manual gear box thats heavy-duty. -Dan from New York
Benjamin Alexander 02/24/2011
Why? Why does BMW still offer the traditional manual transmission in conjunction with the SMG? You say the Old Consumer is fadding away. I am 26 years old and do not want a sports car without a manual transmission. Actually I don't want anything without a manual transmission. Anyone who prefers an SMG to a manual trans doesn't enjoy the full experience of driving.