Muscle car definciencies

Ford has lost the muscle car spirit in my personal opinion and I think the should have at least one maybe two others besides the Mustang. Perhaps bring back the Torino, Galaxy, maybe falcon, or even the thunderbird, the maverick, the Fairlane or even an entirely new breed of muscle.
Tyler Deutsch 12/15/2011
The do make it!! They just dont sell it here:( Google the FPV Falcon.
Brad Howard 10/28/2011
how about a rwd coupe or sedan that uses a variety of ecoboost v6 and ecoboost v8s with a radical design something that's totally new Like adam corrola said american automakers dont make anything new or inventive in performance car market we just use old names like how dodge brought back the charger the challenger there old designs all they did was modernized them why cant we have a muscle sports car thats like no other muscle car
Donald Deming 10/25/2011
I have a 2011 SHO and wonder if there were technological reasons that Eco Boost couldn't be mated with a V8? Even with it's current power a car of this size could benefit from added HP.
N. Rodriguez 10/22/2011
This is a great idea! Ford seems to getting quite caught up in thier quest for fuel efficient cars, so they should give some attention to other sports/muscle cars they've discontinued in the past. However I do think that if ford were to do this, they should keep the Ti-VCT technology, since it makes bigger, and faster ford vehicles realitivly fuel efficient, but they should also stick with the naturally aspirated v8 engine concept.
Jim Straight 10/21/2011
how about a rear drive fusion old style v8 that is easy to work on not one of these twin cam complicated wonders , a manual trany throw away the rear doors and may be call it Torino . I know I would stand in line to buy one .