More seat adjustments on the Recaros!

By Max P.

Don't get me wrong, as a performance seat in a car that is not very expensive, the Recaros in my Focus ST3 are supportive and keep me amazingly planted. But since buying my car only a few weeks ago, I often wondered that at only 170lbs and 5'7" tall, why they felt so snug at my back. Then, on the way home yesterday I realized that these seats are, not surprisingly, designed for the average sized person (just under 6 foot) for a man. Since I'm shorter than average, my shoulders are too low in the seats and my shoulder blades get squeezed together at the back. I'm hoping the seats break in, and the bolsters get softer over time.

I would like to see these seats possibly with adjustable bolsters. Doesn't have to be electric, but maybe one setting thats a little wider for those of us that don't fit. Or also, possibly an adjustment in the bottom cushion to raise my body upwards in the seat a few inches. Then, I'd be an even happier ST owner.
B F 11/30/2013
I Would Like To See Seat Selection Separate From The Packages, Some Of Us Don't Fit In Those Recaros And Also Don't Like Leather But Would Like An Otherwise Loaded Car (A 3 Door Please!!!)