More RWD vehicles!

In terms of maintainence, rear wheel drive vehicles make much more sense than FWD. I'm not sure about everybody else, but I'd rather replace U-Joints than CV joints, and actually be able to replace struts, and other front end suspension components without worrying about overextending the CV axle. I have a crown victoria and I LOVE working on it! I would love to know why it was every switched? (minus the fact that you have to add some weight in the winter) Feedback is wanted.
John S 10/28/2012
Bring back rear wheel drive, Ford. When I replace my Lincoln LS next year, I won't be looking on the Ford or Lincoln lots. The only rear wheel drives you have are the Mustang, which is way too small for my needs. Because you don't offer a rear wheel drive sedan anymore, my next new car will probably be a Dodge Charger R/T if I go domestic or a Mercedes S-class if I go foreign. I'm also thinking of waiting to see how the new Chevrolet SS looks. Since Ford turned its back on me, I'll be taking my money elsewhere and so will thousands of other people.
Nestor R 10/02/2012
I don't know for sure, but I think Ford using the D3 platform has a lot to do with why a majority their cars use fwd instead of rwd.
Stirling M 09/18/2012
Bring us the Falcon as a Ford. Then stretch it a bit and make a Lincoln four-door convertible. Get Lincoln back to its roots like that and You'll be able to draw people away from all of the other luxury brands.
Douglas A 09/12/2012
True - The Mustang is it, with the demise of the Crown Vic (and Mercury). And Lincoln is ignoring a whole market of buyers that Cadillac, Mercedes, BMW, etc., caters to. I can't imagine the Mustang chassis or Austrailian Ford components are too costly to work with. I question the logic of Ford doing away with a fantastic Police Car/Taxi/Limo platform, and Lincoln not offering a RWD option *at all*. As a loyal customer (as in ALL MY LIFE!), I would like to hear an explanation from Ford Corporate to help me understand.