more muscle!

By Matt A.

i have really noticed that ford has declined there muscle car line up. they have the mustang line up but they need more. dodge has the charger and the challenger. Chevy has the corvette and camaro. so ford needs to come out of the darkness and wow the whole automotive industry with a new line up of true ford american muscle.
Larry Vance 01/15/2013
HOW ABOUT a hi performance Fusion and C Max add about 50 more combined HP (I Just bought a C-max) Make them corner better stop quicker /(Bigger brakes) Recaro seats. Call the Fusion Hybrid (GTH) (Grand Touring Hybrid) We bought on C-Max not only based on the fuel Milage but the way it cornered and drove, it was sort of fun. People may want better fuel milage, they still want a fun car, even if they don"t know it.
Larry Vance 01/15/2013
The Ford Gt could be brought back. I owned a 2010 SHO with the performance package. The cornering and braking were not up to standard. If you MAKE a performance vehicle, it needs to be done right from the beginning! Theres no excuse to have vehicles with poor performing power trains and suspension components in this day and age.
Brett searle 01/13/2013
First they need something to compete with the viper and corvette or could just bring the gt ford back with different model ranging from 90 thousand to 200 thousand.
Isaac J 01/12/2013
Well similar to Dodge, Ford has the Taurus SHO and Mustang. If anything its Lincoln that is devoid of options. Lincoln doesnt have a small car, doesnt have a 2 door or sports car, and the Navigator and Town Car are ridiculously OUTDATED!