More Manual Transmissions

First off, I appreciate the decision to include a 5 speed manual in the Titanium Focus. It is a good start.

We need to see more top trim manuals however. I've been researching various cars for my next purchase and I would love to have a Titanium Fusion AWD with an available manual. All the reviews I've read of the 1.6 Manual have been glowing, more so than the automatic. A car that size would be perfect with the 2.0 EcoBoost and the 6 speed manual. The Focus could also use the 1.6 EcoBoost in the Titanium trim and the 6 speed from the ST, add the handing package and you have a very fun little car on your hands. One vehicle that has no manual that deserves it is the new Escape. I know the Kuga is available with a manual in other markets and there is a real lack of well optioned manual suvs in the market. In fact, there really are none. There are several base trim models with a manual (Tiguan, CX-5, Compass) but none of these really interest me because of the lack of options. Manual drivers don't want a bare boned car. We want to enjoy the drive and have all the same bells and whistles as automatic drivers. I'm pretty sure the 2014 model year will be my next purchased car so, please make more manuals happen.
George P 07/19/2014
Yes, the only reason I didn't get a manual this time(my first automatic in my life)is because they strip the vehicle of any options. I really miss a manual. Just think if my 2013 Escape 2.0 had a manual! Its fun to drive now, but with a manual it would be a blast!!
Mike P 07/16/2014
Yes, more manuals please. With options!!
m 09/30/2013
More Manuals please!
Chris H 02/11/2013
its 2013. Why have a silly manual. your focus is on the road, not worrying about what gear to be in.
Dustin M 02/04/2013
Yes please! So many other manufacturers are putting manuals as standard now as ford is taking them away. Talk about backwards thinking again.
Brad K 01/29/2013
Yeah! I had an '07 Milan Premier (top trim) with a manual, and it was loaded! Leather, sunroof and everything! Offering the manual in the mid-trim SE is better than on the base car only, but it would be sweet to see a manual 2.0L car too! Call it the Sport!