More Diesel

By Bob O.

I see you will Finally have Some of those terrific european diesels coming over on the new Transit.
Keeping with the," One Ford" please try this in a small car like the focus and when you reintroduce the Ranger as a 4 door in the USA .
les austin 03/28/2013
Bring back the diesel EXCURSION! Right size, right power, right looks, right engine!! Don't submit to the left-coast-oriented EPA, give us what we are willing to buy.
Martin H 01/04/2013
Martin H,
I agree more diesel are needed like F150,Explorer,Transit and so on.But it would save millions barrels off oil and we don't want that.
If you compare the same vehicle disel would also save consumer to much pn a year.
Martin H.
John M 12/31/2012
more diesel versions of your SUV's please. a diesel ford explorer would be great. instead, if you're looking for a diesel SUV, your choices are mostly european brands
Ranger diesel is a great idea! We had it once and finding a pre owned is next to impossible!