More diesel engines

Just bring back the Ranger and keep it this time.
Jake J 08/15/2013
Yeah, a small investment in clean diesels and perhaps hydrogen and cng would placate some people's attitudes toward alternative fuels.
Alexander B 07/30/2013
Thats a great idea and Ford already has a Ranger in most parts of the world. They would just have to standardize it for America.
Kurt 07/05/2013
I agree a smaller diesel engine in the f-150 or ranger. In australia already has a good looking ranger that I'd love to see in America.
avery c 07/05/2013
i think a V8 would be a little much in a ranger but i thing a gas V6 and diesel 4 cylinder would be amazing. remember, ford needs to have a standard fleet mpg mandated by the EPA so another V8 in the fleet would force them to cut power from other lines to save mpg.
Doyt S 06/27/2013
I agree but offer it with a 6 speed manual trans. on all engine displacements including 2.3(would prefer to see a 2.7 stroker engine) 3.7 V six and add the 4.6 V8. If you could shoehorn the new 5.0 L coyote engine in the truck it would make a great Ram Express killer. I use my current Ranger as a truck do not want a show dog horse.
John H 06/24/2013
And build it in Minnesota as before...