Mini Concrete Trucks

By Rus T.

For the past 5 years I have been building and selling Mini Concrete mixers. Problem has been finding trucks with a live PTO. From what I understand Ford F-550's are the only trucks being built with Live PTO's. Ford can lead the way in this new and growing market. In a world where smaller is better and more economical, Ford should lead the way with 2 Yard Mini Concrete Mixer trucks mounted on their f-550 HD.
Fred Golden 09/22/2011
How about marketing the 4 wheel drive F-550 platform to propane delivery truck drivers? A 2,000 gallon delivery tank can be mounted on a F-550 within the GVWR of that truck, saving thousands of pounds compared to a slightly larger tank mounted on a F-650 or F-750.

And all wheel drive would make deliveries safer on a winter day, especially with some houses that are on a hillside. I am sure that 2 WD will outsell the all whell drive, but it is nice to know that both are available.