mid size truck

please make a mid size truck 4x4 crew cab with the v-6 twin turbo and ill buy one most people dont need a full size truck most of time plus they are easier to park clean and get a little better mileage get a toyota tacoma put in your design studio and make one simular but better i want to buy american i think i would make more money as a stock holder as is my dad anything to boost the stock price right?
Ernest P 11/21/2012
I heard a lot of story's like this one,and ford I got to say either you build a mid size truck,or bring back the ranger,but a little more beefy. Just saying.
Ronald R 11/14/2012
Bring back the ford bronco 2 it was a great strong truck with all the toys and was great on gas I owned one but my son distroded it in a thre car rear Enderthe truck was areal doll fit every one and great maintenance on it v4 x 4 when you need it strong
Ike no other I think the public would like a bronco 3with automatic and on demand 4x4 I thought you mite like to know
Terry H 11/14/2012
Another idea to get the mid size truck with out loosing the F150 fans- F250 and F350 are prety close, The f150 is 9/10 ths of a F250 so Lower the f250 closer to the current F150, then reduce the f150 close to mid size truck, that would give us a lot of options still with a smaller truck.
Terry H 11/14/2012
The size of a 2000-2004 Dakoda is just the right size mid size, dosent appear small, but eaiser to navigate, at 4400 lbs light enough for a f150 motor to get better mph, Crew cab for 4 or 5, F150 grade interior, 4x4, and itl be a hot rod too. I need a replacement for my Dakota, and the current f150 at 79 inches wide is just not it.