Merge Mustang And Transit Van

Merge the next Mustang platform with that of the Transit Van the same way as has been considered in the past with the Mustang and Falcon.That would be a compact to extra large merger.To my understanding,the Transit van is extra large rather than full size.
Both the Mustang and Transit Van platforms are unibody and rear drive.Would give the Mustang optional 4wd,ecoboost v6,and a diesel engine.Would give the Transit Van fuel miser base model ecoboost v4 if powerful enough for the van's weight, and top line Coyote v8.Would reduce costs of developing future rear drive with optional 4wd vehicles with design already made and would only need size adjustment depending on size of new vehicles in midsize and full size.Full size rear drive is something many people say Ford and it's Lincoln division needs to compete with Chrysler's 300 and Charger,GM's Caprice and Chevy SS ,Bmw , Mercedes,top line Toyota and Hyundai etc.