Mercury Return

I would like to see Ford renew the Mercury Brand. The intention would not be sales volume but to draw traffic to Lincoln dealers and perform counter programming. For instance with the Mustang going more "international" in styling it would be a good time to have a retro Cougar based on the 67-68 model. This would pull people into the Lincoln dealerships that otherwise never visit the place. Also it would keep the Mustang fans who are turned off by the new style in a Ford vechile. Ford also lacks a small truck and station wagons in the US market. Mercury could provide these models as well. This would provide ford with a brand that rapidly responds to changing trends and help re-ignite the Lincoln brand as well.
Andrew S 07/19/2013
You can't start a new brand targeting the demographics of an old brand to help both. Just buy a Mustang and slap some repro badges on it. 
Robert T 05/27/2013
Far too good of an idea to be considered. It wouldn't pass the accountants because they would have to get new Mercury signs made.
But I think its about as good idea that I have ever seen here