My Idea is to bring back a retro version of the Mavric similar to the mustang smaller. For the power plant that duel turbo 6 cylinder seems to be a perfect fit for something with some muscle but still has good fuel economy.
Brad B 09/22/2012
Hey Ford & Jacob ! I like your idea, but the Maverick name conjures up the thought of a crossover vehicle. My version would be a sport wagon / MPV more suited to the work environment of the farm or small landscape customer to pull a small trailer weighing in at about 3000 pounds. We need something there to fit in between the Focus/Escape and the Explorer. The Explorer is a grand vehicle but it's cost is about $9,000 more that the market (see above mention) would buy at. The Transit Connect is close but not recommended for towing. Maybe the next gen T/C will be different.