By Fred K.

Please, please, please! offer conventional 3 pedal manual transmissions in your cars!
I was looking at the 2012 Focus, the high level models are only available with the twin clutch automated transmission. A 6 speed manual is so much more fun and involving.
I'd much prefer a car that's involving and fun to drive over tons of high tech features that's boring.
John C 05/01/2012
Just bot an 05 Mazda6 MT wagon, (unfortunately with Black interior) Couldn't find a desired current Ford, with acceptable equipment!
Scott Whitney 03/16/2011
I agree. On the focus you have to get the low end model and get every option. I want to just get the titanium focus with a SIX speed manual. Also, why is the hatch more expensive then the sedan?
John F Cross 03/11/2011
'Must haves' for me - MT, sunroof, and non-black/gray interior.
I miss my Contour V6 MT!
Jim Leonard 02/25/2011
In addition to the benefits described in the three comments above, manual transmissions are critical for vehicle control in winter driving conditions. I'm hoping that the Titanium model line will offer a performance/handling package that includes many of the ST items including a 6-speed manual. If all of these requests seem foreign to the Focus Product Development Team, then you need to recruit a couple of "car-guys/gals" with ME degrees onto the team.
Bill Barry 01/26/2011
I TOTALLY agree! PLEASE listen to us FORD!!! The people do WANT manual transmissions! 6-speeds! In all types of vehicles: The high-end Focus and Edge. Please bring the Kuga here and c-max or s-max!!! With proper gearing MTs can get even better mileage than ATs if people drive them right!
Brian Langston 01/23/2011
I agree that the focus would be fun to drive with a manual plus I think they are even more fuel efficient. Many people would like to have manuals in the trucks as well!
Jason Frels 01/21/2011
I second the motion. Manuals are fun to drive!