By Brad K.

I just read today that the Fusion will be losing its manual transmission option. Please find a way to keep it available! The Two Liter EcoBoost has a manual in the Focus ST. Why not use this combination?

Also, I would love to see a manual available in the Transit Connect. That's pretty much the only reason I don't have one already. You know you offer them in Europe.
Dan L 11/09/2014
I bought a 2013 fusion 1.6 with a manual. Plenty of performance, and the manual is silky smooth. NO complaints. If someone was going to buy the Fusion with the manual, they'd simply buy it, 2.0 or not. In fact, the manual improves the 1.6 liter engine package. Most people drive automatics for larger cars. If people were going to buy stick, then it would have sold.
Anthony L 09/08/2014
I did consider a fusion manual when first searching for a new car but didn't like the idea of taking a power drop.  Sales stunk not because of the manual trans but because of the 1.6 ecoboost.  Trust me if someone is hot on a manual they aren't looking for a middle of the road engine offering, they want the best option.  Mate it with that 2.0 or better yet use a manual trans in that taurus sho.  After failing to fall in love with the ride from a focus st I found a buick regal gs.  Ford doesn't have anything competitive in this segment with an available manual transmission and Lincoln doesn't have anything performance in their stable.  Please do it right like you have with the mustang i'd rather have a lever parking brake (but won't give up my manual) why add unnecessary cost (like beemer or Benz)