manual transmissions in pick up trucks

By John M.

real trucks need real transmissions.I want to upshift or downshift when the need is there not when an onboard computer decides to.
John C 03/24/2014
Great idea. I recommend a 6 or 7 speed if possible.
Lewis C 02/12/2014
I agree with you, Zach and Ben. Ford should seriously bring back the manual, as I have mentioned before, there should be the option to be able to control out truck the way we want to, not when a computer sends a message to the ecu to direct the torque converter to "shift" the transmission (or whichever order it goes to, I forget).
Zach M 12/25/2013
I also agree. What is a truck without a manual transmission?
Ben J 12/10/2013
I agree, bring back the good old 5-speed manuals.  I still have one and will drive that truck over anyones brand new automatic.  It is hard to beat putting the truck in gear and driving a comfortable speed.  Automatics want to shift constantly when you are at those in-between speeds or just tap the gas to speed up a couple mph.  I think alot more people would by them than Ford thinks.