Manual Transmission

By Joe R.

A transmission in which you can manually select the gears yourself by hand using a foot operated clutch to disengage the transmission from the engine.
Mike Hatfield 09/19/2013
I would love to buy a new truck, but will not do so because Ford has discontinued providing options for standard transmissions. I will be forced to look for an older model Ford -- or (gack) look at buying something else.
Michael P 01/21/2013
I refuse to buy a car that does not have a traditional stick shift with cluth pedal. I recently drove a Cadillac CTS-V all-out around a track circuit and it was less fun than my stick shift Nissan Versa is driving to work.
Dean C 01/07/2013
I've had 9 vehicles in my life. all are manual but 2 (Jeep Cherokee and Toyota Sienna). I've driven manuals in the snow, on icy Canadian roads, and on sunny California pacific highways. I've taken them from laid-back suburbs to busy L.A downtown. Please keep making mtx vehicles Ford. Don't let it be a lost art
Paul A 11/29/2012
Manual's rock! - Learn to drive it, and you'll never go back.
Steve Blair 02/22/2012
i own 6 vehicles... all but one have manual transmissions. If you know how to drive them, they take less maintenance, and are less likely to cause problems. Once they are in gear, they pretty much stay there until you decide to switch gears. I am going to be replacing my F350 shortly, and it will NOT be an automatic... If Ford doesn't have a manual transmission available, they don't get my business.
Kevin Mcgee 08/25/2011
That's why I bought my Ranger built in USA.
Moses Fridman 08/10/2011
This transmission you speak of, with an extra pedal, it sounds too confusing for us lazy Americans. It will be harder to eat and talk on the phone and drive.
Paul Rufledt 01/21/2011
I agree to this completely, as I have mentioned before. Ford should offer more manual transmissions. The Sport Fusion is auto only? The Taurus SHO is auto only? Those are massive failings in my mind. I will buy a family car soon, and it won't be an automatic. If that means it isn't a Ford, then I will be upset, but not as upset if I get a car (or transmission) I don't like.

As an extension of this, I've spent some time recently in an ecoboost Flex, and I am entirely disappointed by the manual mode. It decided for me, depending on how fast i depressed the accelerator, if it should downshift despite being in manual mode with a gear selected. The manual mode is a complete lie. If you offer a 'manual' setting on an automatic equipped car, at the very least make it actually manual, holding a gear no matter what the gas pedal is doing.
matt 12/14/2010
aic182, so much for old tech when you get much more power and fuel economy with a manual. Go out and drive a mustang with your paddle shifters, fun fun fun. I think i'm with many people who enjoy using a clutch and shifing gears with a shifter. You controll the car fully! I just don't see why Ford can't get the point that people will buy manuals if they would be offered with higher trim levels. I sure would!

Also in this day of new tech how much more of a hassle would it be to make a car fully coustomizable (to an extent) coming from the factory. I'm sure something could be done. I just really wish manuals would be offered on all fords, even if I had to pay more.
aic182 11/29/2010
Manual transmisions are old tech. Why not opt for an auto with a manual mode? Can you say dual paddle shifting fun at your fingertips when you want it? Fun, Fun, Fun. All the benifits of a manual with out the foot clutch pedal.
mike c 11/22/2010
Absolutely agree. I Love ford but will not buy a fusion or focus because they do not offer manual transmissions on the higher trim levels. What is up with that. Ford is not making vehicles that I want to buy. They should be fun , and I want to be part of the driving experience.
Al 10/03/2010
Acually the ranger has manual which i like.
Big John 09/28/2010
I agree about manual transmissions, for those as old as I am can remember stick shifts in the biggest cars ever made. With a manual transmission your part of the driving experience and no time to text or fall asleep or what ever because your part of the process.
Carolyn 09/05/2010
Several years back I had a manual transmission car that had to have the clutch replaced at around 160,000 miles. My cost for this was $600 after haggling with the repair shop. At 70,000 miles a transmission went out just five years later on another of our vehicles with automatic transmission. cost of that was $2500. Love driving manual not just because they are fun but that feeling of having control over the car extends far behond just driving and into having a little control over repairs as well.
The last few years I've had an automatic because didn't have the time to search for a manual at the time of that purchase and they were not easy to find. Really miss driving a stick shift and am looking for a manual transmission on my next vehicle. Agree with other comments that why would you sell a car as a sport model and not offer a manual transmission except in a base model. Feel the same way about SUV's. Had a Bronco II in the late 80's XLT version with all the options available at the time. Power windows and doors and very nice interior. Don't see any explorers or for that matter very few Escapes with manual transmission. Even looked at Jeep and unless you are wanting something with no power windows or locks you can forget a manual transmission. You might can order one with all the power stuff but try and find one already on a lot. I'm not understanding the mentality that a manual transmission is downgrade model rather than a fun extra in the vehicles that are supposed to fun to drive.
bart massucco 09/03/2010
Well, just replaced my 2000 F 350 7.3l 6 speed with a 2008 6.4L F450 with a simlar tranny.

Thank goodness I could upgrade and keep my stick without going to a dodge. Went to the dodge showroom, drove the dodge truck, was told I could still get a new one with a stick. But I've been driving Ford trucks with manual gear boxes since 1980. How could I get a dodge?

I understand teh "take" rate isn't high enough for Ford to continue with the manual. But, hopefully this new engine will be around long enough so over time, the manual can return. And perhaps it should be a 7 speed. I don't think a six speed box is enough for the 6.4 and doubt it would be for the 6.7.

And I drove all the new auto trannys. Anyone who says they work just as well either doesn't drive well, never hauls big payloads, or has never driven these motors with a stick. NO. COMPARISON. (And say nothing of the fuel ecomnomy. No way you can replace the energy I put into the system with my left foot without buring more fuel .....)
Harold M 08/15/2010
My daughters learned to drive manuals and prefer then to this day (26 and 29 yrs old). Youngest had Honda Civic and went snow boarding in Colorado Rockies every weekend. Control meant safety for this little worrier in our family. Oldest started with a Nova, 350/4 speed. Control meant fun for her. To our family, in the mountains, gear selection is critical. My '08 Edge does okay with it's pretty smart auto, but, D and L? Give me D,4,3,2,L. If it has to be an auto then let me pick the "gear".
Bob K 08/09/2010
I have the same feeling here. My Contour SE with a 2.5 V6 and 5 speed is over ten years old. I'm thinking about a replacement but when I look at Ford's offerings, especially the Fusion, I'm very disappointed that a manual is not offered on the V6 so I'm starting to look at other manufacturer's offerings. The new third generation Focus might have posibilities, especially if a RS or SVT version is offered.
Paul 08/08/2010
Absolutely not. My personal love of the manual transmission is not for squeezing every ounce of speed, it's for the pure enjoyment. I just spent a weekend driving an ecoboost flex and with the auto in manual mode it offers NONE of the enjoyment of my 5 speed mustang. The ecoboost is exceptionally powerful, but the paddle shift auto is NO substitute for a traditional 3 pedal stick shift. The dual clutch transmissions are worlds better, but although they can be faster and more efficient than a traditional manual, they are no substitute for the enjoyment factor. If you can't drive a manual, then buy a dual clutch and pretend, otherwise PLEASE Ford offer more traditional manuals for us!
John 08/03/2010
You are so right, if i was still working I would probably have a Cadillac CTS instead of the Escape XLS.
Rich 08/03/2010
I agree most of the Ford line up needs to have a true manual transmision as an option. I loved My Bronco ll, and Explorer Sport with 5 speeds. When I am looking at cars I am looking for RWD, manual Trans, and I prefer 2 doors. I would like a Bronco with a manual for my next vehicle.
brian M. 08/03/2010
F1 race cars are doing everything they can to win, there's millions of dollars on the line between prize packages and endorsments. They have specialy designed paddle shifted transmissions. They ARE manual transmissions with a different kind of 'linkage'. Think of a realy fast robot shifting the gear for you based on which paddle you slap. They are NOT automatics, they have no torque converter or valve body. They have clutch pedals to get them started and then the synchros take a beating for the rest of the race (with some other gadgetry to make them live as well) These trannys are faster in shifting than a person can row a stick and are considered safer for the driver doing 200mph. They aren't cost effective in a street car though as they do beat themselves up. Do not be confused, those F1 trannys are nothing like the automatic in your car. NASCAR still runs them for weight and efficiency and simplicity. I've driven those high end BMWs with sluch boxs and only thought 'why?'. They are such better cars with manuals. Automatics are good for people with no legs and maybe a tow truck. They are heavy, inefficient, further distance the driver from road feel and only help out ignorant drivers.
Brian M 08/03/2010
True, I've looked into getting a diesel dodge because they are the only ones offering manual trannys. I saw one behind a superduty once, but it was a 2wd truck, good for road towing but not much else.
Manual transmissions, when driven correctly, will Always get better mileage than automatics. Automatics are heavier, more complicated, more subject to failure do to temperature, and will always be less efficient because the engines power has to be transfered from reciprocating motion into hydraulic energy and back again, all this creates heat which is just another way of waisting fuel. A person might as well run low tire pressure on purpose.
I believe that the EPA estimated mileage numbers are scewed because they are purposely trying to phase out manual transmissions. I have a small car that was rated at 26 mpg highway but I've never seen less than 29 and I check it every single time I get gas. I've driven the same car with an auto and couldn't believe what an unbelivable slouch it was.
Daniel 07/28/2010
I believe the answer to your question is yes on both counts.
Russ B 07/23/2010
Almost got a Transit Connect to replace an old Windstar, but gas mileage was no better on the TC with 4 cylinder auto trans than the 12 year old V6 Windstar. TC's need a manual transmission option (and diesel). Got a manual trans Escape instead.
I don't like the "whine" sound that automatics have... prefer to shift, have the usually better gas mileage... and never worry about fluids and repairs.
Jon Sharpe 07/15/2010
A manual transmission is antique. If you are 61 years old and drive in traffic you will positively understand. When I got my license in june 65 there were far fewer cars around. When you are a kid it is sort of fun but the romance is short lived.
68fastback 07/15/2010
Wouldn't a DCT6 or DCT7 dual-clutch automated transmission address most of these comments? With various modes (standard, sport, competition) and possibly even one tailored by the owner, a paddle-shift controlled DCT would seem like the best of both worlds. Automatic-like shifts in standard mode, crisp shifts in sport and lightning-fast shifts (faster than any human can even dream of) in competition mode. Like on the '11 Edge sport (which does not use a DCT transmission), control logic could permit a basic automatic-like "drive" mode that can be instantly overridden by paddle shiting at will. Such transmissions are as energy efficient as a the best true-manuals but can shift faster and offer idealized rpm-matching on downshifts. Yes, it takes some of the 'art' out of shifting but that doesn't seem to bother F1/Indy drivers or Ferarri/BMW owners one bit.

If Mustang is to be Ford's flagship sport-car, it needs, beyond a world-class engine (like a 5.0 TiCVT TT), a DCT tranny, IRS and light weight. Better still, put the DCT in the rear -- coupled directly to the IRS diff, and 50./50 weight distribution may be achievable for the first time in a mustang in ...forever?
Kevin 07/15/2010
Heck yeah, why does the SHO not have a manual? That is just silly. What is the sense of making a car that powerful if it isn't fun to drive????
Eric M 07/15/2010
I currently drive a 99 Cougar with a 5 speed and a V6, and when I get out of college and get a job, I will be looking in to a new car, and I couldn't think of a better option than a Fusion Sport with awd and a 6spd manual! Unfortunately, I will probably wind up getting a car from a competitor like Subaru because Ford doesn't offer a premium vehicle for me. I haven't met a person yet who hasn't owned a car with a dead or dying automatic. Torque converters, clutch packs, and planetary gears are just not the way to go! I could even see the new dual clutch autos being problematic because ALL electrical systems go haywire (trust me, I own a Cougar).

Come on, Ford, stop alienating your consumers and reconsider your stance.
chris 07/14/2010
We have to remember when we want a Manual transmission we ALSO have to expect a decent one, made In America and put in an American vehicle.

currently some ford's have imported transmissions that often don't operate correctly with the Ranger as an example, the Five Speed Mazda transmission is a not very good and breaks your arm for the first 100K. too bad it's made poorly!
Brad B 07/13/2010
Agreed. I mean I have nothing against Automatics. because I grew up driving them. but I learned to drive a stick on my brother's '07 Mustang GT and I see why manuals were so coveted in the early days. nothing compares. and never will. Especially not the paddle shift found in exotics like Ferrari and Lambo. both of those companies screwed up when they did that.
Michael J 06/30/2010
I also want more manual xmissions. Had an Escape, but the V6 only came w/manual. It was a nice car, but the auto gives minimal engine breaking in the mountains where I live. And trying to shift an auto to the gear you want, say drop to 2nd is nearly impossible without taking lots of time & attention from the road.
Recently I wanted to purchase a new F150 because of their great fuel economy. But no manual was a deal breaker; I purchased an older F250 XLT with manual.
Bob 06/19/2010
My first vehicle (I was given) was an automatic Aerostar minivan with a 4L. It was fine to learn on, but a far cry from fun. The first vehicle I bought was a V6 Mustang with a stick, before I even knew how to drive a stick properly. My dad had to take it out on the test drive with me in the passenger seat :P I've never bought an automatic since and I never will. On the occasion that I have to drive the company van or a friend's automatic, I find myself always reaching for the stick and realizing sadly that I am not driving, but just along for the ride.
You can't tell me that a dual clutch automatic (or a paddle-shift automatic) is as good as a manual because it is what it is: an AUTOMATIC. No clutch, no stick. It is a great upgrade from existing slushboxes, but no matter how you cut it, it's still an automatic.
I like driving. I drive a lot for work and for pleasure. "Driving" an automatic is NOT driving, it is steering, like being a little kid on your daddy's lap holding onto the steering wheel and thinking you are driving, while he has total control. It is unfortunate that so many people do not progress beyond that sad state and never know the joy of really driving a car.
Colton 06/13/2010
I currently drive a manual 5spd mustang and love it to death and i completely agree if you made more manual vehicles u would sell more i would love to buy a ford f-150 with a manual 6spd but sadly they don't make them anymore... it was never a factor of fuel economy or ease of use, it was just simply the way i liked to drive... and continue to this day to enjoy... we may be few and far between.... we are here... i just hope someone hears us
chris w 05/24/2010
there should be a manual transmission offered for ANY vehicle as well as Manual Windows- more basic!

And Most Important is the transmission should be Manufactured and Build in America, Not the pice of crap from mazda they currently put in the ranger.
Mad Al 05/23/2010
Has anyone noticed that NO ONE (Ford, GM, Dodge, Toyota, offers a manual in their 1/2-ton pickups? The exception being the so-called fleet/work trucks with V-6s that no one buys. If there's anyone at corporate who actually reads this stuff, let me ask you, do you see a market opportunity here?

Has anyone wondered why Subaru's sales are doing so well (up 41% YTD April 2010 vs. 2009)? Part of it has to do with the fact that manuals are so readily available. Go ask a dealer.

I still own my 1993 GMC K1500 Sportside 4x4, with 350ci V-8 and manual transmission. I still own my 2002 Chevy K1500 Sportside 4x4, 4.8L V-8 (couldn't get a 5.3L + manual!) and manual. And it looks like I'll be keeping them forever. Oh, and I might just go buy that Subaru.

The fact that the Raptor is not offered with a manual is a travesty.

The first thing I thought when I first saw a Flex was, "If they have it in a manual, I'm buying one." How little I was surprised to find that this was not the case.

Someone quoted in these pages that manual transmission sales are down 22% over the past decade. The simple fact is, this was in the pre-internet "Inventory Search" days. The reason people don't buy manuals has to do more with poor AVAILABILITY than the impression that people "just don't want them." Clearly, some want them. You just can't FIND any manuals at your local dealers, or anywhere, for that matter. When your local dealer says, "I can find one for you," it's game over, you've lost most of your negotiating ability; because it would come from someone else's stock. I was living in Baltimore in 1993 when I bought that GMC. I had to go to Providence, RI to find/buy that 350 with a manual transmission. Long ride.

My message is simple. "Build them and they will sell."
Matt 05/17/2010

I will not buy a car without a manual. I don't want a mustang. I find it insulting that I can only get a Manual Ford in the lowest trim levels.

It's a necessary feature to me, not a burden.
Dennis 05/15/2010
I recently purchased a 2010 F250 for the farm. Had to search about 100 dealers on the net to find one with a single cab and a 6 speed. Ford may complain they aren't selling manual transmissions, but by looking I'd say less than 1% of pre-built trucks on the lot had them!

I'm getting 17 mpg with the V-8 engine on a 3/4 ton. You can't tell me that the manual doesn't get better mileage. This may be my last Ford.
Derek S 05/12/2010
Automatic drivers are ruining the road everyday as we know it,they pay attention to everything except whats going on OUTSIDE the vehicle.I'm on the road quite a bit doing service work in NY and VT and I pass so many people staring at their laps! People who drive standard HAVE to pay attention to their vehicles because they could otherwise damage it,and that's how it should be.Mindless driving needs to be abolished. We are a dieing breed.
H Smith 05/12/2010
Are YOU willing to pay the EXTRA cost ($$$) to have the manual of your chioce accross all product lines ... whether you buy one ... or not?
Paul 05/05/2010
I completely agree. I despize automatic transmission cars. the only auto i've ever owned (still own) is an old econoline, and that van was free. The other vehicals i've purchased have all shared one criteria- Stick Shift transmission. The new focus having the option of stick shift -or- twin clutch sequential transmission is a perfect example of what I would like to see in my own perfect world. Not automatic, and if it must be an automatic, at least offer the option of a stick shift. I will flat out not buy a car with an automatic if I have a choice of anything else with a stick shift. I fully understand a dual clutch sequential shifts faster and is more efficient, but I don't care about milliseconds, I care about the driving experience. Ultimate performance means little on a street car, people shouldn't be racing on the street anyway, but fun certainly means the world. I would say the manual transmission isn't dying, but automatics are dying. the dual clutch sequential is the future of auto-boxes. More efficient and with more of the fun factor, but still not approaching an old fashioned stick shift.
Peter 04/26/2010
Manual tarnsmissions are great for all the reasons everyone have posted. They also allow you to instantly shift to nuetral in an emergency situation and take the power off the wheels. Ford automatics will not allow you to shift to nuetral unless the button is pulled and then fear for your transmission if you overshoot to reverse or park! All competitor automatic floor shifts can be shoved into nuetral by pushing.... not Ford!
Allch Chcar 04/24/2010
What does the DCT do that you can't do with a Manual? You can't select gears with a DCT, you can hold OD but you can't choose a gear like in a Manual. The Manual isn't for lazy people. Some of us enjoy a bit of work that doesn't detract from driving but adds to the experience. And driving should include the driver not exclude the driver.

If Ford doesn't offer Manuals with more cars more people will either have to live with slushboxes and eventually DCTs in their Fords or move onto different companies. Ford can't be every thing to everyone otherwise they'll become GMC aka Generic Motor Co "too big to let fail."
Ben 04/24/2010
I agree so much that all cars should have manny tranis.
Here's what cars should have in manual:
Fusion V6 AWD and FWD
Transit Connect w/ or w/o Diesel
ALL F-Series
Taurus SHO
2011 Explorer
2011 Edge Sport
Thank you.
John 04/23/2010
Many of you that have never driven a Dual Clutch Transmission probably will never miss that Clutch again. Its actually beat you to the punch vs a Manual
Teresa 04/22/2010
I personally prefer to drive stick. It might be more complicated at first, and you certainly can't hold on to your cell and drive at the same time, but it keeps even the sleepiest drivers awake (and I would know).
Even through downtown DC, Boston and NYC traffic, I'll take the manual every time. There's no spot in traffic you can't claim when you drive a stick and drop it down a gear. There are no stick shift gutless wonders, they get better fuel economy, and are just plain fun. I have a ten year old manual car and it still gets 36mpg.
Totally considering the new Focus (2012) or the new Fiesta if I can get the trim level I want in manual shift car. No flappy paddle gear shifters here. A real, two hands, two feet stick shift car please!
Drew 04/22/2010
I had 3 years of fun with my mustang with a manual trans and then I needed to get something with more cargo space, and able to get me to ski country in the winter. I had to go buy a subaru since its no one else makes an affordable wagon or SUVish vehicle with AWD and a manual.

Sad. I plan on keeping my subaru until it dies. It saddens me even more that when I need to buy another vehicle in 10 or so years that I may not have the option of getting a manual.

GIVE US MANUALS!!!!!!! I love them!!!!
R Peterson 04/22/2010
Whenever I look for a new car, whether 'seriously' looking or just for fun, it is amazing how difficult it is to find a manual transmission car in the US today. The absolute WORST culprit are sports cars... how can a sports car not have a manual transmission option. When a manual is available, it is usually only available in the base model of a particular car or truck. In those cases, even though I'd prefer to have to higher-end model, I'd choose the base with the manual, and then buy after-market parts and accessories to approximate the higher-end automatic. Please Ford, give us the option of manuals in all model ranges.
John 04/21/2010
The world needs more manual transmissions. Ford can hold a market advantage in my mind by offering manual transmissions in all their cars and trucks. I was raised in a "Ford" family, but own a 2001 VW now due in-part to the choice of a manual transmission. The manual transmission has "saved" me from being stranded on a dead battery or alternator more than once with the ability to jump the car by getting friends to push it, then popping the clutch. Please give it serious consideration.
Dale 04/19/2010
That may be, but we aren't driving in competition on a race course.
I want the choice of a manual across the line.
You can get one in the Caddy CTS.
Grandpa Gene 04/19/2010
I agree! Provide a wider availability of manual transmissions... including six-speeds.
I searched high and low to finally find my well-equipped Ranger with a manual transmission. When I bought it and began driving it, I had forgotten just how much I had enjoyed running through the gears as you accelerate up to driving speed. I originally bought the little trucklet for work-related reasons, but it has since morphed into being a pleasure vehicle.
JH 04/16/2010
I would have bought a 2010 Fusion if I could have got a 6-speed manual with any options. Unfortunately, the only way to get a manual is to get the stripper model and I want leather seats and a good stereo.
I realize that simplfying the option packages and model structure saves money, but the transmission is pretty much standalone from the other components of the car. It can't save Ford that much money to not offer a manual SEL or even a manual Sport model.
As for dual-clutch style automatic transmissions, I respect the performance but I still prefer to shift my own. It is just so much more interactive and rewarding. I don't even care if it costs the same as an auto, as long as it is well executed.
Cody 04/16/2010
I test drove an Escape XLS with manual this week. Despite it being a crude, unfriendly, manual, I found it far more enjoyable to drive. The only reason I didn't buy it was because I can't get a manual Escape with 4X4.

Manuals for all trim levels!
Barney 04/16/2010
Every car and truck made should have a manual as standard equipment, and an auto s an option.
I love manual transmissions, but they are hard to find now.

I would buy a new F150 tomorrow if I could get it with a 6 speed manual transmission.
Brad 04/16/2010
I was actually at my local Ford dealer the other day and they had *several* "stripper" Fusions, Mustangs and Foci. I was blown away. I'm fully convinced that if Ford began to stock *more* "stripper" versions of their vehicles on dealer lots, they will find more customers overall. Especially those with manual transmissions.
George 04/16/2010
I'm a longtime Ford shareholder with an ultra-reliable, 1998 Crownvic beater car for driving into New York City, driving in snow and ice, and making runs to the dump and Home Depot. For my every day car, I'm going to replace my BMW 5er with another BMW 5er, the forthcoming F10 with a MANUAL gearbox. My basic, non-negotiable requirements are RWD or maybe rear-biased AWD, manual or maybe double-clutch auto-manual transmission, sport suspension, BMW quality sport seats, and a high-end car stereo. In a large sedan, the only options in the US are the BMW 5 and the Porsche Panamera. If Ford offered an upscale performance version of the Australian Falcon here, I would take a look, but the Lincoln MKS and Taurus SHO don't come close to BMW in anything except price. They're bloated Volvos for fat Americans.
Allch Chcar 04/16/2010
The wife/gf is a very common reason for getting an automatic car. But there is nothing preventing them from learning to drive a manual it's merely a choice.

Regarding resale the manual transmissions are cheaper upfront, always have a higher maximum Fuel economy except for the sport models, and tend to last longer. The only disadvantage is really the clutch wears out and the associated hardware is usually cheaper to replace at the same time and the flywheel has to be in good shape. A clutch kit can be upwards of $200 for everything but the automatic rebuild kit is $30 which is mostly gaskets but they'll end up the same price if you pay someone else to do it.

I'd still take a manual over an automatic any day. The current 6spd trannies are the same weight (125lbs) as 4 speed automatics and beat them in speed and Fuel Economy. They're more efficient under acceleration due to no required downshifting with a bit of load in a low-mid RPM range. And you can keep them in top gear lower and longer.
Champ 04/16/2010
I prefer a manual transmission, I have in the past and currently own manual transmission cars. My last daily driver though was an automatic. The reason is 2 fold. 1. My wife prefers an auto, and she drives my car some times. 2. and the most important reason is resale. It is MUCH easier to sell a automatic than a manual. I don't trade in at the dealer, so I'm talking private selling. I think that's one big reason whey the demand is lower than is "should" be. There are plenty of people who like to drive manuals, but some of those people buy autos anyway for resale.
John 04/16/2010

With all due respect, your statement reminds me of the old saying "You can't get there from here". It is absolutely certain that the gov't won't certify a vehicle that isn't submitted for certification. Ford, et al, know how to meet EPA/CARB/DOT requirements & they know the cost. I don't see that cost as being prohibitive. It is part of doing business. If they choose to ignore the 5% or so of us who still need or just enjoy self-shifting, that is their prerogative.
What I think might untimately save the manual is the new generation of enthusiasts. The kids you see (mostly hear) blasting around in their little buzz bombs (GTI, Civic, WRX, etc) are almost without exception manual transmission cars. Personally, I can't stand them but I know where they are coming from. Five of my first six cars were British sports cars with muscle & pony cars after that. I hope there are still enough of us around to persuade the auto mfgs. to see the light!
Ken 04/15/2010
+1, Except I bought the 4 cyl, and I have been craving some power ever since.
John Jensen 04/15/2010
I agree cars should be made/customizable for the individual, the consumer. Instead of being forced into a bracket or a mode just because it is not the majority.
Tom 04/14/2010
It's not all up to Ford, unfortunately ... the government requires every model/drivetrain variant to be separately certified for crash, emissions, mileage, etc. at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars. I'm sure no one on this thread understands why this is necessary when the same engine meets the requirements with an automatic or in another Ford model.
A. James Godigkeit 04/14/2010
on my 77 pinto I had to pass on the V-6 because it only came with auto-trany.
John 04/14/2010
I have a '93 F150, V-8, manual trans, posi that I bought new. I love it but it's getting long in the tooth & I would like to replace it soon. I buy trucks to haul & tow. I personally perfer a "stripper" with only the options I need & want to get the job done. I don't need a truck that makes a fashion statement or to impress the neighbors. No one, not Ford, GM, Dodge/Ram, Nissan or Toyota offers a full size P/U with a manual. I have been senting comments for years to every one of them. Most don't bother to get back to me & the ones that do state something like: "We don't offer a manual because demand doesn't warrant it. No one wants a manual anymore. We have no plans to offer a manual in the future. You'll just have to buy an automatic, why would you even want a manual anyway?," etc. Tell you what, I'll do whatever maintenance & repairs it takes for as long as it takes before I'll let anyone force me to buy an alternative to what I really want.
Ken 04/14/2010
I enjoy driving a vehicle with a manual transmission, and for the first time I am considering buying something other than a Ford because I can not get one in the Fusion other than the 4 cyl. I really like my 06 and was very fortunate to find an SEL that wasn't an automatic, but I want more power. Subaru offers a line up of family sized vehicles with turbos and manuals and will probably be my next vehicle. My family is getting larger and we like the Taurus but not having a true manual is a deal breaker for me, especially in the SHO!
Cody 04/14/2010
I was seriously considering a new f-250, but the lack of a manual is a deal breaker for me. Also, I don't care that a dct can change gears faster, I want the extra control that a manual clutch provides and the simplicity of a manual transmission.
Ryephile 04/14/2010
I'm no luddite, and there's no way you can ever replicate the involvement or visceral sensation of shifting and clutching your own gear ratios. DSG's and slushboxes are fine for people with disabilities or limos, but everyone that is able should know how to drive a manual gearbox, if not flock to the personal responsibility and sheer enjoyment.
Deorew 04/14/2010
A slick-shifting manual transmissions is a must. With a nice feeling soft shift knob and silky-smooth gate action.
I moved out of my manual tranny V6 Mercury Mystique which was a pleasure to shift for 300,000 miles to a Cadillac CTS with an awful manual tranny shifter. Hard plastic knob, noisy gate action, just annoying and not fun.
Ford, please give us slick manual transmissions.
Andy 04/14/2010
It's about time, give a us a manual in every model, every option level and with every engine.

Why can't I have a sunroof and a stick shift? It is the most illogical, stupid order limitation that will stop me from buying your car. Last Ford's we had where the Contour w/ leather, V6, moonroof and manual and a Lincoln LS with V6, leather, moonroof and stick shift. There has been nothing since.

Need more wagons (not SUV, WAGONS!!!!)
reedbr 04/14/2010
Oh yes, please, manual transmissions as an option in all cars and trucks in all trim levels. I want an F-150 SC with a manual transmission. It doesn't exist. I wanted a wagon with a manual, had to drive 300 miles to find get a Mazda6. That option no longer exists now either. I'm starting to buy used cars from back in the day when you could get a manual. And it is about the fun, not the efficiency or cost.
karl 04/13/2010
how come the rice burners get stick shifts! well gee at least you can get a stick in a Mustang. FOR NOW>...... ALL The AUSTRALIAN FORDS are available with a stick!!!!!!!! I want to DRIVE my car, not talk on my phone!!!!!! a stick shift is so much fun for someone who knows how to use it!!!!!!That's why FORD is Number one down under....... they offer CHOICES there...... wish my F 150 had a stick. great for mud, the boat launch, engine braking.and good old FUN. bring me an Australian SUPER PURSUIT UTE!!!!!!! check out, or type Super Pursuit Ute on the web and see what you are missing here in the states!!!!!!!!! also type Falcon G series!!!!! well Chevy is coming back with the El Camino with a SIX SPEED STICK!!!!!! for us two percenters who sell more cars for Ford and Chevy than half their salespeople who don't even know how many horsepower their cars have............... interesting..........
joseph 04/13/2010
a manual transmission option in the whole line-up is an outstanding idea, i would most like to see an f-150 with a manual, more specificaly, the f-150 SVT raptor
H Smith 04/13/2010
Barlich, you may have a point.

It is my understanding that sequential shifting is the most efficient (and quickest). But I have not seen Ford's implemention of the DCT so I can not say with certainty how the clutch is tripped.

However, I suspect that it is a problem of system design and execution regarding how MANUAL "manual" DCT is.
gary cross 04/13/2010
Manual transmissions are dead. There is a reason why Formula One racing did away with the clutch and stick years ago. Nobody can shift as fast as a good automated manual transmission and a computer. Go drive a BMW 335i and then an SHO. You'll never go back to a clutch and stick. Now if only NASCAR would enter the 20th century.
Scott 04/13/2010
you still get rid of the power and efficiency sapping torque converter and retain precise manual control over shift points.
Mike 04/13/2010
Same here. I'd like a Fusion but won't buy it because the manual is only offered in the 4 cylinder. I didn't get a SHO either because they don't offer it in a manual.
Brian 04/13/2010
+1. I am in the market for a new car and absolutely love the Fusion Sport. One problem, I hate automatic transmissions. And if one more salesman tells me the manual shift mode is the same thing i will scream.
Patrick 04/13/2010
I agree completely. I absolutely LOVE the Fusion, but they stopped offering a manual on the SEL model. I went to my local Ford dealer and supposedly Ford is going to stop offering manual Fusions altogether. That really broke my heart. They may not make tons of money off manuals, but it is always good to see a car company giving attention to even their lower margin customers.
Tim 04/13/2010
FWD is acceptable if it's a hot hatch. Manual transmission is required, though.
Barlich 04/13/2010
Dual Clutch.... well the only issue is that it is not a MANUAL transmission. last I checked there is not THIRD Pedal. And the driver does NOT CONTROL the shifting. Are you able to go from 2nd gear to 5th gear and not have to deal with the 3rd and 4th? It's all about TOTAL control of the vehicle, or as much as possible.

If there is no third pedal, it is either an Automatic or a Semi-Auto.
Darren 04/13/2010
I agree. It is getting really frustrating trying to find vehicles with V6's, or a specced up option sheet with a manual transmission. I really enjoy my Escape, but I probably won't buy another Ford if this keeps up.
David Winkler 04/13/2010
We know that Ford's new dual clutch PowerShift auto transmission will match or surpass the efficiency of the manual transmission, and that manual transmission sales are in the single digits for those models offering them, but a certain segment of the driving public will always prefer mashing gears to simply selecting from PRNDL. Please continue to make cars for "car people," we poor souls for whom driving is still a worthwhile, both hands activity, instead of a mindless Point A to Point B waste of time.
Barlich 04/13/2010
I agree with the "Sport" version idea.
Personally, when I start buying cars (im a college student), the only vehicles I buy will be THE Standard Transmission with the proper third pedal. There is NO substitute to being in control of your vehicle.

I have been in a couple of situations where I was glad that I drive a stick. Especially in the North Dakota winters. I have gotten stuck several times. There has been ONLY 1 time that I could not get my car unstuck (Dodge Neon Sport) and that was about 10-20 feet from my driveway. lol

The stick is about control and driving experience. I do not believe in a car being made just to go from point A to point B. People have feet, bikes, etc for that. The car is to get you to point B but the important part is HOW you get there. Many things in life is like that. The destination isn't necessarily as important as the journey. Everyone hates to let things control him or herself; we like to think that we are always in control. The stick gives you that control when you drive.
H Smith 04/13/2010
Does the dual clutch transmission with shift times approaching 0.3 seconds resolve your concerns about transmissions that can operate as MANUAL ... OR ... AUTOMATIC ... at the descretion of the driver?
jason 04/13/2010
Even if manual transmissions cost more customers will still buy them. Especially in superduty trucks for towing. Dodge is getting fords hardcore manual customers since they dropped it in the HD market. We don't care if auto transmissions are rated higher towing or get better mileage now. Some people just want to be 100% in control of there vehicle and towing load in all weather conditions. If people who bought manuals before don't know how to drive stick and file a warranty claim then dont offer a warranty on the clutch/ transmission.
chris 04/13/2010
+1 totally agree. I've hated the American trend to not offer manual transmissions. One thing that really bugs me is when one is offered but only on the base model. If i want leather seats, I have to take an auto tranny. Grrr burns me up.
Anthony 04/13/2010
Manual transmissions should be available on ALL trim lines of ALL vehicles. For example, a manual trans in the Fusion is currently available with the 4 cylinder model, but is flat out not offered with the V6. That kind of crap has to stop. I don't want the 4 cylinder Fusion, and I DO want a manual transmission. Net result? I don't buy a Fusion, even though I find them to be appealing cars.
SeanG 04/13/2010
I agree entirely. The first thing I ask when being told some company has a new "sport" model is whether it's RWD, the second is whether it's available with a proper third pedal and stick.

Also this simple device does more to force a driver to interact with the road rather then his cell phone than any law possible. People should know how to drive.
Dan 04/13/2010
is he saying this as a joke? or perhaps hinting at the fact that manual transmissions are disappearing?
Jason 04/13/2010

Any car listed as a "Sport" version should have a manual option. I'd actually buy the Fusion sport if it had a 6-spd manual; but I would lean toward the Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT instead at this point.

And they can make very convincing arguements about how modern automatics are quicker or more efficient and I believe them, but sometimes it is about the fun to drive factor and I really enjoy driving a stick shift.
Andrei 04/13/2010
I agree, the world needs more manual transmissions.
bob knox 04/13/2010
Absolutely agree 110%. Manuals are about car control, not mpg. An automatic will NEVER be able to time that fractional gap in traffic that you can only hit with your foot on the clutch and the car dropped down a gear ready to pounce. Automatics also don't use engine braking anywhere near as efficiently.