manual transmission in f sieres

i know it is not economical for ford to research and design a manual transmission that could handle the 800 ft-lbs of torque from the new diesle engin but why not offer the old zf-s650 6 speed manual that used to be with the 7.3 powerstroke and mate it to the new 6.2 or 5.0 or even the eco boost non of those engines break the 520 ft-lbs the transmission was designed for and the only cost would be in adapting it in to the current truck design.  I know ford thinks the seleca shift satifies thoes of us that want a manual but it does not just being able to select gears is not enough we want a clutch that we can feather out. i know i never thought i would ever go to dodge from my ford but ford is no longer taking care of me or givving me the selection i want so my only choice is to get the ram 2500 diesel to get a manual.  I wish ford would rectify this and offer a manual in their trucks again but i know they wont because from a company standpoint its all about the numbers and because people are lazy and or just dont know how to drive any more.  those of use who still remember how to drive or that still want to drive a manual because its fun have to suffer and go with out or leave ford and go to a ram 2500 or larger diesel. i know this post will make no diferance to ford but i will have the piece of mind that i tried every thing in my power to get a manual from ford prior to leaving for a ram.
Cody L 07/27/2014
I will never buy a new Ford Super Duty, until the manaul option is returned.
John C 03/24/2014
Jonathan - you're not alone.  I bet that Ford has the develpment resources to field excellent manual transmissions well matched to their modern truck powerplants.  A great way to capture more market share if Ford is willing.  
Lewis C 02/12/2014
It is economical for them, they offer manuals on almost everything outside of the United States, why not here as well?
John B 01/14/2014
I hate to disagree with Bruce S but where I live Ram has taken over. The area used to be ruled by Ford and chevy, however few are buying them now, most are ram. You might have another reason in mind but know this the new rams that are on the road here are all manuals. When chevy first dropped their manual Ford numbers rose but now Ram is king here I want to see that change. There are a few new Fords here but the die hard owners wanted a manual but bought a automatic to have Ford. Most however went to Ram. If ram can build a manual for these big diesels then Ford can build one better
Daniel M 12/13/2013
I will never buy a truck with an automatic transmission. If Ford won't give me what I want, then they won't get my business. I would even pay more to get a manual transmission and wait for it if I had to special order it. It is a shame that that Ford and GM alike could care less whether they offer what customers want. It's all about profits, which they claim they are making plenty of these days. They ought to have enough money now to offer manual transmissions.
Ben J 12/10/2013
I would realistically go with a manual if Ford came back with them.  Some of us enjoy shifting gears.  I've puth the same miles on my '01 F250 with the 5-speed and never had an issue either.  I don't see how automatics are more cost effective, they take more technology than a manual shift, meaning more $$.  I think they marketed them poorly, the guys that wanted them before Ford quit making them didn't go into cities to buy them and the dealers out in smaller towns didn't get the stock to sell. Sure, automatics are convenient and some people are all about that.  I'm not that person, I find it enjoyable to shift gears.  
Bruce S 11/24/2013
I believe its more cost effective for Ford to have automatic's in their trucks. How many people realisticy are going w/ a manual in a truck? I've driven a '02 F550 over 100,000 miles w/ a auto w/ no issues, it made my job easier too.