Manual Transmission F250-F550

By Josh W.

ans/supporters deserve a Ford manual transmission truck like the Ford Super Duty's ZF 6 speed OD Manual was my favortie transmission I want it back in the ford super duty where it belongs it makes driving the ford super duty funner, better fuel economy the new 6 speed Automatic makes the diesel/gas use to much fuel , easier on maintenace and repairs and cheaper on the purchase price So People/ Loyal Super Duty Customers want the ZF 6-speed OD Manual with the 6.7 Powerstroke diesel or the 6.2 Gas engine but the ZF 6-speed OD manual is better off being the partner transmission with the 6,7 Powerstroke , Automatics are too expansive on repairs, use too much fuel, makes driving boring , etc.So Ford wake up and listen to your loyal customers/ fans like me and reoffer the ZF 6 Speed OD back in Ford F250-550 Super Duty Trucks , you owe us that your customers So Ford Please reoffer the ZF 6-speed Manual, there is still a DEMAND We Canadians and Amercians deserve our Manual Transmission option back auto dont cut it Dodge is taking Sales on their Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 Equipped Manual diesels , My reasons are the same as anybody's. Control, reliability, economy, etc. The Manuals aka ZF 6-speed OD Manual are so far superior to automatics in those regards that my feeling is that if I know/Learned how to drive one of them, I'm crazy if I don't. It seems like the automatic transmission is always the first thing to give trouble in a truck. lthough I realize that most consumers prefer an automatic, there are those of us who don't. I understand that there are costs associated with designing a truck with 2 types of transmissions, so why not make it an extra cost option? I'd be willing to pay up to $500 additional for a standard, and yes, I would wait the extra 6 weeks. It's a shame you disoffered the ZF 6speed OD Manual and you were so wrong to Do that and WE Want it back Badly in our super duty, here a high demand for it Josh
Bill B 09/12/2014
It seems that all the manufacturers are claiming that with the high multi-speed autos then can get better mileage. I'd bet that if they gave us manaul lovers the same number of gears in stick (or with an overdrive) we could do the same or better. I'd love to have a 150 with stick. Saw a guy with the Ram diesel and stick the other night at a gas station - very nice (but even that's limited to the diesel). Please Ford, make stick an option! glad there are others out there like me
Steve Dempsey 09/01/2014
I owned a 2001 F-350 w/the 6 speed manual(ordered it that way) and wish I still had it. This option could be offered at the same price and Ford should still make money.
Dru 08/23/2014
Ford f350 Owner for 15 years now. Best truck I've ever driven and the manual does things for braking and traction that just can not be replicated with an automatic. As I look at my new hotshot adventure, I am in the immediate market for an F550, but without the manual transmission, I guess I'll have to start likeing the 6cyl Cummins. Sad but True!
ken 04/05/2014
I have been thinking about buying a new Ford truck and am disgusted that Ford has jumped on the whimpify band wagon and stopped offering manual transmissions. Sorry Ford, I will be looking at 2002 models to restore and drive instead of buying an automatic. At least put everything together in a kit and let me buy a truck without the transmission, I will do the work myself.
Jeff Cundiff 02/21/2014
I have wanted to upgrade my 1994 truck for years if I could find another one ton with a manual transmission. Automatic transmissions are a real joke when backing a heavy boat down a boat ramp. Neutral makes more sense so you aren`t braking against the engine but nothing beats low range and being able to give it gas instead of depending solely on and riding the brakes.Jeff
Ralph 10/05/2013
Hi.  I own a 2002 F150 maual 5 speed.  My truck is aging well, however I am in the market for a new F 250, but if Ford keeps this auto. trany thing going on I certainly will not be buying a new truck any time soon.  This is my third ford manual trany pick up truck and I could not think of owning an automatic.  Ford, please wake up, discover the secret.Thank you for allowing me to comment.    Ralph from Toronto, Canada
I agree! I know this comment is a little late, but Ford, PLEASE PUT MANUAL TRANSMISSION STANDARD IN YOUR TRUCKS! Us workers, haulers, and guys who want to have fun in our truck need a manual transmission. Though you have found ways to make automatic more fuel efficient, do that with the manual! We really need it. Select shift is great, but really? You don't even offer manual? I doubt you will read this let alone care about our ideas, but we are not just city people that don't even use the truck for what it's made for, we actually haul and load and go off road and plow with our trucks! it would be great if you responded to all of us. Thank you for your time.
Dan S. 05/27/2013
Geez, I never thought finding a manual transmission would be difficult in a pickup truck! I've had my share of both manual and automatic transmissions, and I'd definitely choose the manual any day. Ford needs to have a "better idea" by offering a special order option for manual transmissions in their F series pickups.
Jared 04/11/2013
yes ford you need to bring back the ZF6 no matter how advanced of an automatic you develop, there are many people out there who still want a standard transmition
Ed Jordan 01/26/2013
I want to buy a New truck, but positively do NOT want one with an automatic transmission. Does Anyone offer them?
PT 07/24/2012
Josh, Here is an idea that might work for a time. Have an authorized Ford aftermarket facility that would switch out the automatic and install the 6 speed manual. The automatic transmission could be returned to Ford for credit and Ford would honor the warranty on the truck and drivetrain except for the manual transmission which would need to be under warranty from the aftermarket manufacturer. If the volume of retrofits grew, Ford might realize it needs to again offer the 6 speed manual option to F Super Duty truck buyers. I have a 5 speed manual in a 1988 F250 that has 388,000 miles on it that I have been very satisfied with.
Gary P 04/23/2012
Ford made this a self-felfilling prophecy. They didn't sell many manual transmissions, but there weren't any available on dealer lots either. When I bought my '05, the closest available to Chicago was in Nebraska! How can you sell manuals when there are none available???? Real drivers shift for themselves!!! Wake up, Ford!!!
Isaak Stagl 04/09/2012
My buddy is looking to buy a brand new diesel truck, with a manual. Too bad Ford doesn't offer it anymore, he's buying a Dodge instead. I would love a brand new F250 with a 5 or 6 speed manual. Hell yeah.
Jamie P 03/04/2012
I agree you cant find a used pick up or even order a new pick up with a stick anymore.
Christopher Kirk 01/28/2012
I 2nd the request for a manual. A work vehicle without a stick? REALLY? Some of us use our trucks for actual work rather than a fashion statement.
David Duggan 01/27/2012
Josh, I would be willing to pay at least an extra grand for the manual transmission on my 50,000$ Ford F250. It's just the opposite of the automatic transmission costing more. Without a manual transmission in the F-Series, Ford alienates all of it's Global buyers but maybe they just make a manual for them to drive. Hopefully, I'll be able to buy a new F250 Diesel 6-Speed Manual in the next few years as I will need several new trucks for work.