Manual Transmission F150

I really wish Ford would offer manual transmissions in their trucks again! I hate automatic.
Wade G 06/11/2012
Yes!!!! It should have a "granny gear" first like you had in the 80's!
Ron Campbell 05/25/2012
Good idea! To meet my need for a Ford F-150 with a manual transmission, I am planning on custom fitting the manual tranny power train to one of the newer F-150's. It would be a lot easier if Ford would just sell it that way from the factory!
Johnny O 05/05/2012
Yes Ford do it!!!! If I see a manual transmission F-150 with the 5.0 or 6.2 I'll buy one! But until then I'm gonna hang on to my 6 speed powerstroke. Let's get it done Ford.
Sea B 05/05/2012
I've driven a manual work truck for the last 23 years and probably 10 more. I have a 93 Explorer sport with stick as a personal ride and have owned numerous other manuals in the past. I understand the fuel economy reasons for them and cost but, they all suck. Sorry, just my feelings. I'm so thrilled my wife's 06 Mustang is an automatic. 26 city and 33 hwy as well.