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Put your new 6 speed manual transmission in vehicles such as the Taurus SHO, Explorer, Expedition, and F-150 (Especially the SVT Raptor!) We need manual transmissions in AWD and 4x4 vehicles! Manual transmission lovers are going to the Jeep Wrangler, Toyota Tacoma, and Toyota FJ Cruiser for off-roading vehicles. As for the SHO, the manual would perfect for racing on the track!

Make the 4.4L diesel an option in all trucks and SUVs. The F-150, Explorer, and Expedition need a diesel.

Don't start to curve all your SUVs like others have done. It's fine to have crossovers, like the edge, but I don't want the new Escape to be a Kuga. The new Explorer will probably have a slightly curved roof, like the Jeep Grand Cherokee, but that is as far as I want to see it go.

We need a new F-100/Ranger in the US (with a diesel option). not everyone will buy an F-150 as an alternative. Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier, Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon, and Mahindra will steal market share from you.

EcoBoost your V8 engines. It would be amazing. EB option for 5.0 Mustang, EB option for 6.2 Trucks. Many people are upset that the Triton V10 was discontinued. If you EcoBoost the V8s you can advertise "Power of a 10, Sound of an 8!"

I know I'm just dreaming, but could you bring back the Torino and the Thunderbird?
Armond 06/18/2014
I will keep driving my 1990 F-150 with a 5 speed until Ford makes a manual transmission available. My girlfriend feels the same way. She says she will keep driving her 1994 F-250 until a non-diesel manual is available.
Lewis C 02/14/2014
This is so true, I agree so much. This is absolutley necessary for ford to have to do. This would be the best thing in the world from ford.
RB 01/01/2014
I'm in... Probably have to go with a dodge. long time ford owner, 1997 crew cab diesel, short bed, 5 speed, fwd truck...the best ever only after I installed the Banks Turbo :))
Robert Burke 12/17/2013
Yes, right on.  I have a 2003 F-350 6.0 with a six speed manual transmission.  Just went skiing at Mt. Rose today, and enjoyed the drive... as usual.  (I live in Reno.) This summer looked at some new beautiful Mustangs with six-speed manual transmissions... but I realized... heh, I already have a 4x4 that works great in the snow with its studded snow tires... and so I'm keeping my truck with the great 6-speed!
Elwyn C 06/23/2013
Yes, please bring back the manual option. . . ! I have two Explorer Sport 4x4's with manual transmissions. I loved them, although parking brake needed to be moved to a hand position. Regardless, I would have continued to purchase them, but was forced to go to a Jeep Wrangler that does not have nearly the storage space. Now I'm looking a Nissan Xterra as the list of manual transmission SUV's continues to shrink. Please bring back the 2dr Explorer Sport with manual transmission as I would love to return to Ford. . .
crabbo 02/07/2013
i will NEVER buy a truck without a amanual transmission,,and i really do not like that ford got rid of the v-10,,if my v-10 goes kaput ,,i will replace it with a 552---385 motor and a six speed stick...heavy trucks need manuals !!!
Charles 01/22/2013
In 2002 Ford offered the F350 crewcab dually 4x4 with the 7.3 Liter Powerstroke, a ZF6 (six speed sitck shift), twin six way power captain's chairs with a center console. I bought one new in XLT trim, and love it! Watching the new offerings, I can only be thankful to have gotten the chance to own such a vehicle. Ford has offered nothing that compares since that time, and it has been steady decline for Ford trucks every since that time. Get with the program Ford??? Build the best trucks on the planet, or watch your competition each your lunch
Jeff F 12/29/2012
Justin E 10/07/2012
We really need the manual tranny back in the f-150.
Kurt Ruthstrom 09/15/2012
I'm keeping my 2000 Super Duty with a stick until I die. I'd love to get a new truck, but with no manual offerings, there will be no new truck. I purchased a new Wrangler Unlimited in 2006 and had a major search for a standard tranny - now I hear that you pay extra for the standard transmission. What is this world coming to?
jacob 06/13/2012
Manuals are a dying breed. Caddilac even got smart with their last performance model and advertised as such as well. Automatics break .more often and this means more money for auto makers. Both in sales and service. 110 hour for a 6 hour job that they do in 2-3 is a lot of money in the dealers pockets. I want an EB... something to pull my bike around on, but without a manual I won't be purchasing one... Im actually in the market for a late 90s ranger 4x4 manual tranny manual transcase and locking hubs... I'll be hunting for a while because I think they went to all auto t-cases around that time.
Peter Cuttitta 06/11/2012
Pete Cuttitta: I have a 2010 F-350 SRW diesel ... with an automatic, and I hate it. I wanted a stick, like I'd always had before; the 6 speed stick was the best Ford ever made. Sorry, but no more Fords unless the stick comes back; I'm not partial to Dodges, but I'll trade this truck off for a Dodge as soon as I can dump it.
Ron Campbell 05/11/2012
I am searching diligently for an F150 into which I can install a manual transmission power train. If the factory could supply me a manual tranny in either the F150 or an Expedition - or both - I would be having that vehicle (or both). And I echo the eco-boost sentiments - even getting the V-6 eco-boost into an Expedition would sell them by the thousands - Ford would be building big SUV market share FAST! Take a hint from Nike - JUST DO IT!
Chris N 04/11/2012
I agree. I bought a Nissan Xterra because it came in a stick. If the F150 came in a manual 4WD, I would have went with it.
Mel Sommers 02/28/2012
I agree that the manual transmission should be brought back. Automatic transmissions irritate me, I have never owned one nor do I want to. They don't give you the full driving experience, nor do they allow you to be in complete control of your vehicle. I want my vehicle to shift when I want it to. I think there are plenty of us that want manual transmissions. Please bring them back in your trucks!
scott bivens 01/03/2012
Manual transmissions are all i buy I dont like automatics in any way shape or form. i do not believe it is so much to ask for a manual trans. the pull better and to me they are theriputic and more fun to drive
jorge 01/29/2011
Very true. Auto makers need to bring back the manual transmission to their full size pickups (ford f150, dodge ram 1500, chevy silverado 1500). I don\\'t know who told these companies to eliminate the manual transmission on their trucks. its just insane!!!! I\\'ve been wanting to buy a new full size truck for the past 2 years now and I haven\\'t been able to do so because I refuse to buy/own/drive and give payments on an automatic truck. Automatic transmission should be left for the minivans, school busses and ambulances. But trucks??? Automakesrs should at least offer an option for a manual trans on the full size trucks.
So what can we do to let the auto makers know that there is thousands of people that aren\\'t buying their trucks just because they discontinued the manual transmission option or went full automatic on them???
I emailed dodge about this but I didn\\'t get a direct answer. They just dodged the bullet and said that they always cater to their customers. Thats BS.

I wish automakers would host surveys to find out if the consumer really wants the manual transmission back. Or at least make it a customize option when buying a new truck.

So if anybody that happens to read this and is hight up there in any of the car companies, please!!!!! BRING BACK THE MANUAL TRANSMISSION TO YOUR FULL SIZE TRUCKS!!!

Thank you.
David Vaden 01/02/2011
Thanks for the post, Bradley. I absolutely concur with your request for more manual transmissions. I regard it as a requirement in the vehicles I buy, and that requirement significantly reduces my choices! I love a new Ford, but may stick with Subaru for that reason alone.