Manual transmission back in trucks

By Ben J.

Put the 5-speed manual transmission back in trucks!  Some of us still enjoy shifting gears and will not buy a truck without it.  Since Ford quit installing these in trucks it has been very difficult to find a used truck with a manual because everyone that has one is hanging on to it.  Bring the 5-speeds back!
Donny H 04/28/2014
Ford really needs to brink back the manual transmission back!
Ray K 04/15/2014
Plain and simple the biggest obstacle keeping me from a purchasing a new truck is the lack of amanual transmission option.
Craig M 04/02/2014
Definitely bring back the manual! My '94 F150 with a 5spd finally gave up, so I got a 2012 with the automatic because there was no choice. The computer just doesn't get the shifting right, period. I would never have gotten an automatic if there was a choice. With the way it drives, I'll never buy an automatic again.
John C 03/24/2014
i recommed 6 or 7 speeds.
levi s 02/24/2014
 I agree but instead of the 5 speed bring back the 6 speed! That low gear is awesome and the transmissions arre bulletproof. I know most people dont like manuals anymore but trucks have become soccer mom vehicles lately and it would be nice to have that classic feel in a brand new reliable truck. Ford is an American icon. Manual transmissions keep with the tradition of a pickup truck. Professional baseball players dont use aluminum bats. They use wood. That crack you hear when a player hits the ball is iconic. Its traditional. You dont get that with an aluminum bat! Manual transmissions are the wooden bat of pickup trucks. Automatic transmissions are for Nissan Titans and Toyota Tundras. Ford please bring back the manual transmission!!
Lewis C 02/12/2014
I could not agree more with you, I absolutley refuse to buy an autmatic anything (yes, even a Ferrari if I could afford one). I believe that Ford should bring back the manual transmissions in their trucks because they not only offer more control of the vehicle, but they also allow for beter fuel economy as well. Aside from the increased mpgs and control, a manual transmission also allows for a safer driving experience. Having a manual transmission not only requires more focus on the road, but it also makes people actually have to pay attention to their vehicles, not just get in, "shift" to drive, and then dive into traffic. People who have manual transmission find that they are less distraced (according to a survey that I conducted in my advanced placement statistics course) and they are less likely to use their cell phones as well. Anyways, the manual should always be an option if Ford wants to reatain all of their buisness, not just the majority of people who are too lazy to use their left leg and right arm peiodically. So until Ford wizens up, I (when I can afford to do so) will be buying a Mexican made Ram with a Cummins engine and six speed manual transmission.... Ford if you are listening, please, please bring back the manual transmissions in you'r trucks, there are still people who don't find driving a chore like so many Americans do. I know for a fact that manual transmissions are offerd by you guys in other countries, so it's only fair if you will offer them here as well.
Danton G 02/03/2014
I agree! Bring back the manual transmission! The best truck I ever owned was my '88 F-150 Lariat/xlt with the 5-speed OD manual transmission. I happen to live in Minnesota, where we've been known to occasionally get ice and! There isn't an automatic package anywhere that gives you the instant control you have in icy and slippery conditions, like a manual transmission with a clutch offers. Plus, a manual transmission gives you much more flexibility when attempting to use the truck to do really tough towing (or pulling) work in less than optimal conditions.
jeremiah t 01/29/2014
I bought a 2013 f150 and drive it in manual mode because the transmission doesn't know what it should do. Thank god I didn't trade my superduty with 6speed in.
Rowdy Y 01/09/2014
Sorry Ford. I switched to a Ram 3500. They still offer a six speed transmission. I'm a driver, not just a person behind the wheel.