Manual Transmission

Bring back the manual transmission option to the F-series trucks V-6 and V-8 models.
Ross S 10/24/2014
Robert T, it sounds like you don't know many accountants. I am an accountant and love manual transmissions.
Anthony L 09/08/2014
Hey I'm an accountant and I drive a manual. Reason why??? 1) im a car guy first car was a '73 stang 2) the benefits of a manual outweigh its draw backs..... less maintenance better mpg although the big car guys say mpg is equal I haven't met an automatic that in the city would beat its hwy projections but yet I get +10% over hwy projection driving day to day. 24 mile trip 5 miles of which are cruse-able. 7 lights 2 passengers +me = 3 stops in the real world manual wins all the time please put a manual in the F150.
Robert T 08/13/2014
Accountants don't know how to drive a manual transmission so don't expect to see one available until the crack in the earth swallows all the accountants up and Henry crawls out of his grave and dictates commen sense.