manual transmission

By Jim S.

manual transmissions should be available in pickups if not all at least the superduty.I perosnally have a super duty powerstroke with auto but there are times when the grany low manual is the best option especially in construction. for everyday use I prefer the auto but if Ford engineers could see how these trucks are used in the "real world" they would understand. logging ,gas-oil field, mining I recently saw an F-350 dually towing a loaded log truck to a save spot along highway. "Real world not some made up commercial"

John B 01/14/2014
The manual Ford is necessary in some jobs and if ram can build it Ford can build it better.
Robert R 02/02/2013
I believe we should bring back manual trans,maybe one from medium duty trucks, 8-10 speeds.
Wallace B 01/16/2013
Yes bring back the manual transmission, but not the imported aluminum but the good old New Process cast iron indestructable units
William M 01/10/2013
PLease bring it back...your current line up is like driving a video game, very boring. Many of us like to chift and fell the truck pull thru the gears, loaded or unloaded.