Manual transmission

By Mark K.

Gee, wouldn't it be great if a guy could buy a truck (F-150) with a manual transmission? It used to be to get an automatic transmission was an option that cost quite a bit extra. Now ford doesn't even offer a manual transmission. I could almost consider this a safety issue. If you not only know how to drive a manual but also know how to use it, it gives much more control options, instead of relying on some electronics that may or may not work in your favor depending on the situation.
William M 01/10/2013
FOrd needs to understand, drivers want manuals. They do...they enjoy driving them, bring it back, especially in trucks...
chris v 12/03/2012
If you can't drive a manual or don't drive a manual you really should not be driving. What constitutes a good driver? Someone who can drive with finesse while manually changing gears and who does not need to constantly hit the brakes to slow their vehicle. If you can judge distances and anticipate how much you will need to slow down and do so by downshifting, you are a good driver. I am in the market for a new truck and would like to buy a Ford F-150. By the looks of it, they no longer sells cars to drivers. I will be taking my business elsewhere.
Joseph D 11/26/2012
I have a 2003 F-150 with an extended cab and a manual and I love it. I would love to get another one. Please bring them back.
I hate automatics. PLEASE Ford stop taking away the Manual Transmission option on your vehicles.
427sideoiler 11/07/2012
First off let me just start this rant by saying that I've been a huge mustang fan since I was about 5yrs. old, and that to date I have owned several including a 69 mach 1, 71 mach 1, 87 gt, 96 cobra, 03 mach 1 which all were manual transmission cars. what i really want to address in this blog, is that for the life of me i cant figure out why Ford feels obligated to build automatic transmission mustangs. I mean the type of person that would buy one in the first place is a car guy, a real enthusiest/ driver. Not a teenage girl, or someones grandmother. The reason I'm so pissed, is that every year when i think that i have finally talked myself into buying a new mustang gt, despite their huge price increase over just a few years ago, all i can find are damn boring automatic transmission cars. Im serious, and you can confirm this in your own area of the country, just look on any dealer web sites and see just how many automatic turds are on their lot. one of the largest ford dealerships in indianapolis had at least 65 mustangs on hand, both gt and 6cyl. cars but not one of them was a manual trans. And I guanratee that come next june/july that those same cars will still be on that lot, because no one wants them! But out of desperation because of the arrival of more automatic 2014 mustang turds on the way, Ford will magically offer their very predictable 0% financing to move these cars off the lot to owners who don't have a clue about driving a true performance car, one where the car and driver become one through the magic of a manual transmission. in closing, PLEASE FORD , stop building so many damn automatic transmission mustangs, no body is interested in them. They just sit on dealer lots for the entire model year, then take a hit on value when you have to finally give them away for thousands less than sticker. Ahh...... remember the good old days, when a real performance muscle car could only be had in a manual transmission? Like the BOSS 302, BOSS 351, BOSS 429, 90's COBRAS I've talked to enough car guys over the past 40yrs. and most of them at all ford/shelby car shows to tell you that there is no place for automatic transmissions in a "performance car", especially when your talking about Americas favorite pony car.