Manual Tran on all Focus models

Please make the 6 speed manual (from the Focus ST) available on SEL and Titanium models. This would/should allow for the maximum MPG rating (where 5 speed loses MPG) and maximum sportiness for upper level trims.
Donald Bolling 08/22/2011
Great idea , but the dual clutch auto that can change gears in a microsecond COULD easily out perform any manual for immediate response and efficiency. The problem is that it's been programmed to ignore the driver's inputs in favor of fuel economy. New software could greatly improve performance without much loss in efficiency.
Danny Clark 07/12/2011
The reason there is a five speed on these cars is because ford is trying to faze out all stick shifts on all USA products, not including the mustang.
Collin Harris 07/10/2011
when i saw the title i thought you only wanted manual and to cancel out automatic.
Brad Krekelberg 05/17/2011
I always thought it was strange they went with a 5-speed on the Focus, and the Fiesta too for that matter. Doesn't the 6-speed from the Fusion fit?