Manual Superduty

By Josh W.

ord, As with me and many others (just search this site for "manual transmission trucks") we want the manual transmission option back!! I know there is a excellent huge DEMAND market for it as I've seen it on here and many other sites. Bring the manual back to 2013 F250- F-550 Super Duty trucks , for that matter make it a special order option but at least give us the option. I absolutely hate automatic transmissions. I'm ready to buy a new 6.7 Powerstroke Diesel truck and I'm absolutely do not want to drive or even buying an automatic!! I want n drive a the ZF6-speed Manual .Come on Please Ford let's get it done! Bring the manual back!!!!!!!!! Ford here's a little motivation "Ram trucks offers it"!! , Ford Ranger was last one to offer Manual so can you please reoffer the zf 6-speed manual WE NEED IT BADLY
Hamad 11/15/2013
I wish ford motor company offers a 5 speed manual transmission on the xl and xlt 2014 or 2015 f250 and f350 so i can buy it rather than buying another car which is a 2014 land cruiser 70 series, also i believe the super duty is the best truck overall.
Robert R 01/25/2013
I want a new Ford truck, but won't buy an automatic.
William M 01/10/2013
MANUAL TRANSMISSION IN A KING RANCH EDITION SUPERDUTY!!! Most base model work trucks are fleet type trucks, even if only a fleet of two, those mostly autos, and the should be because you get guys out the road eating or talking on phone, work related or not, reading a map or their phone nowadays because ford thinks work trucks dont work. Of course they do, and they should have the things like nav, and garage door openers (for home lot gates, example) and the higher end trucks, that are usually owned by the individual guy (work truck use or not) and many of those guys want a stick. they like it, the enjoy driving it and feeling the pull thru the gears. Get your head out the sand ford. And please stop with it costs too much mind set. Make the trucks cost the same...stick or auto no difference. Also, maybe only build the manuals at one time if there is only a small demand for them. Or require that dealers order at least one per year, and trhey had better understand that oredering the ugliest cheapest base truck out there is not going to get the manual trans sold, they need to order a nice, and desirable one so it will sell.
William M 01/10/2013
I already got a dodge. Its no ford, but its not that bad, and it cost me 6000 less truck for truck. Ford will loose my wife as a customer as well if they dont make a ford truck with a manual. Next year will be time for her to trade up, and we will get out the explorer and into a suburban if ford does not the heads out of the sand...
Lewis C 12/08/2012
Lewis C 12/06/2012
YES, we need this, these trucks were wonderful and perfect with the manual transmissions and now they are barley acceptable to any body, ford needs to put the manual back in their diesels and every other truck they make, i mean, seriously, you can get a FOCUS! in 5-6 speed, but we cant get a truck in manual transmissions any more, i say BS! im looking at a 05 only b/c of the 6 speed, but if i have to buy new, i might look into a dodge or some other badly made piece of crap.