Manual 2013 Fusion

By Mike K.

Need to offer the manual transmission to dealer orders. I've read it's only available for customer factory orders. Will NEVER buy one without driving one. Highly doubt I would order one unless it took 2-3 weeks or less. Not going to put money down and wait months with no build/ship status. All of the pre-orders here in my area are SE cloth automatics, you know, rental cars. I want leather, sunroof, manual transmission. You are forcing me to shop VW, Honda and Acura! Mondeo engine options, partiularly the Deisel would be a great idea also!
Gary 09/17/2013
Ditto. Its unfortunate that such a great looking car as the Fusion is - front, side and back. It looks like a drivers car, a drivers car should offer the 2L motor and manual transmission. (it is available in the Focus ST. If the Focus had 2 - 3 inches rear seat room I would buy it!) Sorry Ford you are forcing me to look elsewhere.