make the escape a hybrid to increase the mileage.

By Glen E.

Good morning, my wife and I are looking at the new escape awd vehicle, but are not happy with the fuel mileage. We are tall people and do not fit into your smaller hybrid cars. We love the styling of the escape, but would like better fuel mileage that a hybrid would provide. Thanks Glen
Dan R 10/22/2013
The key that auto marketing people don't seem to get about the appeal and importance of hybrids is their high city mileage. Auto companies obsess about highway mileage, but who spends all their time on the highway? Most people do a lot of city driving, and, as good as Ecoboost is, it gets mediocre city mileage. I loved not idling at stop lights in my Escape Hybrid because of the low fuel consumption, but also the zero emissions.
Marcus N 09/08/2013
If there's a 2014 Escape or Edge Hybrid, I'll buy it !