Make It Even Better

By Ed M.

Superduty Improvements - Put hangers back on sides of rear seat rather than in back - basically useless as-is, switch to control dome and cargo light behavior so option to not have come on when doors open, seats that fold to give flat storage in rear seat area like F150 rather than folding seat backs like F250 - really miss being able to easily haul bulky items in rear seat, make the bed deeper and tailgate wider - silly that the F150 has more cubic inches of storage capacity in bed than F250 and is 2" deeper and the truck would look better if the bed was not so low compared to cab, improve scratch resistance of interior plastics - they don't hold up as well as F150 plastics, put the same version of 6.2 engine that is in Raptor in F250 as we would rather have more HP and Torque than smoother idle - cam lope doesn't bother F250 customers, offer dual exhaust option from manifold back that improves looks, sound, power and efficiency - F250 customers would pay the extra cost of a second converter, muffler, extra pipe for extra HP, put ground fault 110 volt inverter plug in bed of truck so you have 110 volt outside without running through cab window or door, offer 20" spare with 20" wheel and tire option, add storage like Dodge has under cab floor pan, give more adjustment for steering wheel tilt & push / pull, improve angle of floorboard under dash, add dash option that allows for measuring feet / yards from start and stop point, enable "connecting" a non-brake equipped trailer - you can add one but it won't allow selection or show connected unless truck brake controller is aware of it and customers like to track total towing mileage for all their trailers whether or not they have brakes for maintenance and other reasons, and finally increase the interior height - especially with sunroof - tall people need the seat height (for long legs) and height between seat bottom and roof (for long bodies) - can't get comfortable with distance between seat bottom and floor and be comfortable with distance between head and roof - hair rubs ceiling if the seat bottom is high enough - all small things that add up to people considering other brands or being just a bit dissatisfied with their truck.  Why let a company like Dodge have a more functional truck from storage and interior standpoint and features like dual exhaust that look and sound better and are functional as well?  Most reviewers don't like the interior plastics and I would agree they are not as good as in the past or as other manufacturers.