Make Expedition a Perfect Towing Vehicle

I believe the Ford Expedition is the best family travel trailer towing vehicle (SUV) on the market. Thank you for building a practical, reliable, and fun to drive vehicle.

However, I have two suggestions to improve the Expedition as a tow vehicle: 1. Add as an engine option your 3.2L 5 cyl diesel you'll be offering on your new Transit van, and

2. Include (or add as an additional option) in your heavy duty tow package the same extendable/retractable power side mirrors you have on your trucks.

I'll be watching for these, and when I see them in a couple years, I'll hopefully be the first to buy the improved Expedition!
Mark T 04/06/2014
Agree that a braodly applicable diesel engine is just right for the times. Many of us have been waiting years since the last Ford diesel excursion.