Make an AWD Focus RS

Rumor has it Ford is bringing a 2.3 liter Focus RS to the states. If that happens, great! However, those of us living in snowy climates wouldn't be able to buy one. These are daily drivers for a lot of people, and with 330 HP and front wheel drive the snowy weather crowd would have to be slightly nuts to try and make that work in 6-12 inches of snow.

Make a 2.3 liter all wheel drive Focus! Make it the Subaru & Evo fighter it should be. A streetable Ford rally car! I would trade my ST on an all wheel drive RS in a heartbeat. Wouldn't even look at the sticker price. Take my money. On a front wheel drive RS? Not a chance.
Robert P 09/05/2014
This would be great to have it as an option on every model, not just the ST model. The dodge dart will be coming out soon with an AWD model. Don't follow the crowd, set the standard.
Adrian T 08/14/2014
Great Idea! I would take one! I would strip it out, throw in a fuel cell, cage it, slap in a standalone and put it down the runway.