Make a Ford produced supercar like the GT

Chevy just came out with its new corvette, Chrysler has its viper, the only one lagging behind is Ford. Ford needs to get into the world of supercars again and beat out Ferrari like in the good old days.
Cody C 08/09/2013
The Mustang in its various trim packages and Shelby models can be made a Corvette killer, but Ford is just "making do." the Stingray is wowing critics and maybe stealing fans (they finally improved that plain rear end). Ford needs its tech showcase back, and I need something to boast about to my Chevy powered friends. I can only go on so much about the 5.0
Alan W 03/20/2013
We need the new technology incorporated into the Ford GT platform. The 2013 GT500 has a 5.8L engine and in 2004 Ford was working on a V10 for the mustang but did not produce it. With minor changes to the GT the car will smoke anything around. An active suspension system and more power can push the top speed even higher. The Bugatti Veron requires a special switch to be activated to go over 200 MPH. The GT just needs more power and a suspension system to put it down. My brother is a corvette fan and i would like to see him awe in amazement. So please redo the GT and make the other companies eat their own words.
Camren 03/18/2013
yea c'mon ford you are financially doing better than everyone. Put a new GT in production and keep it in production. Show that you can make the fastest car in the world every few model years. Shut up these Zr1 fans already, the GT is still faster than them. I've been obsessed with the ford gt as long as the cars been out. Prove yourself again Ford!
Mohammed A 02/10/2013
I'm one of Ford's lovers but I feel inferiority about Ford GT. I'd to watch how Ford beats Corvette , Vipers and els by GT , GT tt , GT40.