Make a beter car

I have some idea to make a better car, detail as bellow:
1. Provide 6 camera for car: 2 camera in front, 2 camere in back to make 3d imagine, 2 camera replace 2 mirrow: it will make a good vision for driver
2. Syn car with iphone and ipad: ipad is roled as center screen and control car as a computer, iphone is roled as key of the car.
3. with a big car (like ford explorer of expedition), the second row can be rotated to make a larger space in car
Hùng P 10/04/2013
It's a new kind of car which control by computer and it don't have mirrows
Geo. 09/29/2013
Would you consider making a EDGE "SHO"? Please fix the "One window ear buster thing"?